Monday, February 1, 2010

3D don't

I've been holding on to my real not paper 3D glasses ever since I say Toy Story in 3D last fall just waiting to use them. With the 3D Michael Jackson tribute coming up during the Grammys last night I was ready with the glasses. There were 5 shows I was trying to watch at one time but I made sure to be ready for the song so I would be able to wear my glasses. The song came on and so did the glasses but they were quickly removed. I couldn't tell anything. We could see where it was suppose to be 3D but it wasn't.

Major Fail - even Claire wasn't impressed

In other news I broke down and bought sulfate free shampoo Friday night. Before 2002 I didn't even own a brush. I was able to blow dry with my fingers. But over the past few years my hair has been changing. I have fly aways, tangles and coarse hair. Maybe it has to do with the length. Anyway I had been doing some research and it looked like sulfate free shampoo was something I should give a try.

I saw L'oreal Everpure at Target and decided to try it out. I've read mixed reviews, one being that sulfate is still an ingredient, but that there are different forms. I'm not a chemist so I decided to try it out and see for myself.
The short term review is in.

#1 It smelled like straight up dog shampoo, like the green flea kind. But after I had dried my hair it smells more like rosemary.

#2 My hair is soooo soft and the fly aways are less noticeable.

#3 I don't color my hair but I couldn't find any for non color treated hair so I bought it anyway. I've read that a lot of people with non colored hair still use colored hair shampoo and it protects their hair from sun fade.

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