Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free Prints

Do you read the website One Pretty Thing? If not you have to start. It is a great website updated several times a day with every great crafty DIY project on the Internets. I have an email that I link all of my to do projects to that I see on the site. That way if my computer ever crashes I will have the links.
Today they featured a free print by Kind Over Matter. All you need is a color printer and some cardstock. This would make a great baby shower or birthday gift. Just pop it in a frame and you are ready to go!
My favs are the red, orange, and green.

I had to check out Kind Over Matter to see if they had any other freebies. I love this Love Map. I would love to travel the world but the USA also has some amazing places to see. I really want to make for me & E to map out the (few) places we've been.

Happy Printing!

Monday, February 22, 2010


{I've had several request to see more of my house. So I am going to try and post different rooms on Mondays.}

Today the breezeway / sewing room is up. This room connects our bedroom (former garage) to the rest of the house. In its former life it was a screened in porch. The brick and doors were already added when we purchased the house. We tiled the floors last fall.
Here is what the breezeway looked like when we first looked at the house in July 2008
(we bought it in April 2009)

And this is what it looked like after we moved in. For about 2 months it was a huge tool box while we were working on renovations.

umm I can't believe I put this picture on here but how did I live like that?!

And now

I have my sewing machine set up in here. My fabric stays in the cabinet in the guest room. I bought the sewing table and the chair last spring at a thrift store. (I actually hid the chair and its mate in the attic before we moved so Eric wouldn't know I bought another chair!) I love that the table has a fold in leaf, I have it out now to have more room. The rug came from Target.

Remember way back in November when I needed suggestions for my breezeway/sewing room wall? Well 4 months later I finally have all of my frames filled up. I think I would like to get a few more to frame some of the newspaper articles about Eric but hanging those frames isn't too fun.

I bought the hope print off of etsy, the large green frame in Texas (I took the picture), the gold one at a flea market and I just painted a scrap piece of wood with chalkboard paint, the double frame holds our wedding rehearsal and wedding invitations. The white frames have a piece of cork in the back and I have nephews/niece pics tacked up in them.

This little masterpiece is by my nephews. Baron did the small top left section and Brooks had painted a fudge brownie and Mickey Mouse but then he decided to swirl all over it. When I was taking their picture Baron stuck his hand in the bottom right corner so it has his handprint.

This is the other side of the narrow room. I bought this chair at the thrift store and covered it with thrift store fabric. Eventually if we have children (after seeing what Hatch would look like not so sure now) Eric's gun cabinet will have to go beside the chair. But I am either going to sew a slip cover for it or build an armoire over it.

The frame came from a dumpster I think (when all of your things come from the side of the road or thrift store things start to run together :) I popped a solid cork board from Hobby Lobby into the frame to be able to pin up pictures or other randoms. I still need to cover or stain the cork but I haven't decided what to do yet. I don't really have any spaces in my house to have picture frames so I intended on changing out these pictures occasionally, that was almost a year ago and they are still the same.

And this last little corner is Claire's (as is every other corner in the house). The top painting my mom did for us several years ago. It is of Claire doing her favorite thing at the old house, chasing David the squirrel. The bottom print I ordered off of ebay and it looks just like her but was of the artist's dog.

The dresser is a $3 find from the thrift store. I bought it when I had to submit a portfolio to get into Interior Design at Auburn. I made it over then and it has since been painted new knobs and feet added. The orchid was given to me by a friend in exchange for some sewing for her nursery and the little brass squirrel came from the thrift store for 50 cents.

Still To Do:

Right now there is a ceiling fan but I would like to eventually change it out to a cute chandelier. Also I'm not sure about curtains, I use to have burlap panels but when we put the tile floor in they didn't match so I've been curtain less since. I have also thought about painting the doors a color but I'm not sure. But for now I'll call this room finished.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bow Wow

Two nights this week I have dreamed I had a baby boy named Hatch. I don't think I have ever heard the name Hatch so I'm not sure where that one came from. At first I thought it was an odd name but now Hatch is really growing on me.

I had some extra time so I decided to find out just what Hatch would look like.

Two words:
I think Eric and I are decent looking people but how is our kid so ugly?

I decided to see if Hatch's sister would be any better looking, and well she wasn't.
Poor girl.

I think we were pretty cute kids



(Random factoid: this picture of E was taken 1 month before I was born! and he still squints his eyes because he doesn't wear shades)

Hopefully if we ever have children they will look more like one of our kid pictures.

Growing up I use to have a lot more time to be out in the sun. I always had really dark skin and hair. So people would ask me if one of my parents was black or Hispanic. Even in college we had to do a paper on our family origins and I was chosen to read mine first because the professor was interested in my heritage. I look pretty normal since I'm not in the sun as often.

Isn't it funny that my kids look like they have one black or Hispanic parents?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Winter,

Please end.

Is this winter dragging for anyone else? It has been cold almost every.single.day. I am a sunshine or snow kind of girl. If the sun is shining it needs to be warm, it the sky is grey and cold it needs to be snowing. Nothing in between.

I know it is early but I have swim suits and sun on my mind. Yesterday I saw this Crop Top

I thought who would wear that? But then I clicked on the link and saw it is a layering top which is a good idea in the hot summer so you aren't having to deal with an extra layer

Then I saw these swim suit bottoms.
Tummy Tuk Bottom

Don't worry, I don't think high wasted swim suits are cool. They are tankini bottoms that cover up your muffin top and hold it all in. Not that I would know anything about that. Genius!
I haven't graduated to a tankini yet. Although I do think that I have been gifted with my adult body and a few wrinkles over the past few months. I am still holding out for the bikini a few more years or at least until my status is no longer a DINK (double income no kids).

Speaking of body changes in ways I'm not ready for, I am borrowing the 30 Day Shred from a friend. She is having a baby in a few weeks so my goal is to give it back to her before the baby comes, that way I will actually stick to it. Hopefully I will have something good to report back in a few weeks.

Photos from Hapari

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

Well I didn't get my 4" of snow, but I did get 3 inches!

It started snowing Friday morning and by lunch my boss finally let us go. We spent most of the early afternoon sitting in our snow globe but once there was a good layer on the ground, we went on a walk.

Our favorite restaurant, look at that tree

Bo knows snow

Of course there were tons of people on Samford Lawn having snowball fights


The next few pictures are of some of the cute houses in our neighborhood

My house................ one day

This house is for sale and it's backyard backs up to ours. It could be really cute and has cute roof lines you can't see with the snow. If you want to buy it I can tell you what needs to happen to it, I've already made a renovation plan.

If you buy the house you can stare at this cute one all day.

One of my favorites and they have recently renovated it.

Last March we had a good snow and I drove by and took a picture of the house because I really hoped one day we would be able to buy it and I wanted to have a snow picture. One month later it became ours! And if I do say so it is much improved.

After our walk we built a snowman. We didn't want to use our snow so we used snow from the house across us. Don't worry it is for rent so no one lives there. But if the owner ever wants to sell, I have a renovation plan for that one too.

Finished Frosty

Claire loves the snow she loves to catch snow balls.

Can you find her?

Where's Waldo?

So not only was it a snow weekend, but Valentine's Day. For VD Eric bought Claire a ZuZu pet because she loves to chase chipmunks, squirrels. Well she was totally possessed over the thing. We had to hide it while we were at church because we were afraid she would have a heart attack. I don't remember laughing that hard in a long time.
She pretty much had it destroyed by the end of the day. She jumped up on the back of the sofa and dropped it on my hair and its wheels got stuck. Here she is still trying to get it while it is in my hair. Eric had to cut it out.
We watched Valentine's Day yesterday with my sister and her man. It was a cute movie, go see it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Dreams

First things first


Oh yea! I am a total over the top snow optimist so I am leaning more on the 4" side for us.

I'm hoping for at least a snow afternoon tomorrow.

Tonight I have to go to the grocery store because I need to and we really need bread. We are totally out and my husband eats 3 slices every day at lunch. I am really dreading the trip to the grocery store after work. Hopefully I will be able to snag a loaf of bread!

Since tomorrow is the last work day before Valentine's Day I am making some treats tonight for my coworkers. I am thinking brownies and found these cute bags to put them in

I don't know where to buy the size they used, maybe Hobby Lobby? But I do have some regular brown bags and I tried it on them and they worked ok. On mine I put the open end of the bag to go through the printer first and the bottom flap fold was folded to the back side of the bag. Not sure if my installers will appreciate the gesture, but I tried. And for an added bonus the bags have Tinkerbell on the other side.

If we do get snowed in I have a lot to keep me busy. I have to finish some curtain panels for this little bebe's nursery.

I also need to do the shower curtain for the guest bathroom.

If I get the need to bake I am really wanting to do this:

Rainbow cake

Not so much valentiny but I guess I could do red, pink, and white.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear Nate

Last night after the best shows ever, The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother

were over I was flipping channels, my favorite pastime.
Nate Berkus was back on HSN so of course I had to watch.

Here are some of my favorite Nate things:

This Studio Sofa has so many great fabric options

I will always want this Gold Throw but I don't have any where in my house that would display its beauty.

Kilim Stripe Rug only left in 2'x3' on sale for $9!

And well that's all I have for today

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Best Part

Jo you are the winner! You wanted the squirrel towel so I will have to break it to Claire, she will be pretty sad to give it up. You have been having a pretty crummy week so I hope it makes your week a little brighter!
Moving on
Can you spot my favorite thing about this kitchen?

Is it the cabinets? nope

Is it the beautiful bridge faucet? nope

The marble countertop? nope

Is it the really cool light fixtures over the island? nope

Is it the flowers on the countertop? nope

It is the built in paper towel holder! Hidden but still handy.

kitchen via Traditional Home

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Giveaway!!

Last night I was sewing an order for Paisley Jane and thought since it is February my house was needing a little Valentine Love. So I whipped up these 2 towels to hang on my oven. I like them both but can't decide which one to use.

So leave a comment before 2:00 pm on Thursday and tell me which one YOU would want. If I draw your name on Thursday and it will be yours.

Would you rather have a cute scalloped heart, it would be cute with your initial in the center

Or a stripey squirrel

or neither

** I know at least one of you is wondering what a squirrel has to do with Valentines Day, but squirrel is sort of our family symbol. Claire is "nuts" about them!
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