Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silo Inn

The first time I ever met Eric's parents was on a trip out to Texas, which was the first time I had ever been to Texas as well. We went down to Gruene (pronounced Green) for a little vacation to his Uncle & Aunt's place the Gruene Apple Bed & Breakfast.

The Gruene Apple isn't the usual Victorian mansion B&B. It is new and huge with an elevator and every room has a different theme. I stayed in the Broken Arrow Bedroom.

Gruene is a neat little town, mostly know for Gruene Hall. I searched high and low for George Strait but he was no where to be found. They also tube on the river there which is a totally different kind of tubing than we do here at the lake. I couldn't understand how they were going to run a boat in the shallow rocky water, duh they don't!

Anyway all of that back story to get to the main story. Somehow the other day I stumbled upon the website Jetson Green. It is site dedicated to green building. Ugh I hate that word but the site was very interesting and I could have definitely used it while I was in college when they were first starting to really push green building and design.

This was my favorite thing on the site. The Gruene Homestead Inn. Made out of a silo!!

Just tie a mini cow to the porch and I am all over it.

I love the staircase, but I do wish they hadn't used drywall in the space.

I think when I retire and get that pumpkin farm / Christmas tree farm I will build one of these behind my house for company! Accepting donations now to claim your bed.

Click right here and look at those adorable miniature cows.

I think Claire needs an animal sibling.

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Jo said...

We went to Gruene last summer... and went tubing in New Braunsfel!! I wish I would of known they owned it we would of contributed and stayed there!!

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