Friday, January 22, 2010

Several years ago I was invited to play Bunko with a group of girls. I didn't know anyone that would be there but I needed some friends so I decided to at least try it out. Three years, several different girls, 4 kids and 3 on the way, Bunko evolved into Supper Club. Each month we rotate houses and last night was my turn. We squeezed 11 people into my dining room and overflowed into the living room and enjoyed talking, eating, gifts, and dessert.

I broke out my china...

it is so fun to use your china but then you have to wash it by hand. It wasn't bad though only took 30 minutes and no broken dishes!

My sister is getting married this spring so we all pitched in and gave her enough money to buy a rug she has been wanting. Heather also hooked her up with some granny panties for her wedding night.

Sorry to spoil the surprise Joe

I didnt take any pictures of the food but we had spinach asparagus casserole that was so wonderful and hopefully I will post the recipe soon so you all can enjoy its loveliness.

For dessert we had The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever by The Pioneer Woman. I made it the night before and just warmed it up in the oven while we ate. I could never get the center of the cake to cook so I did a little research and I needed to turn the oven temp down. So if that ever happens to you now you know how to fix it. It was really good, but I could just eat the icing only and live a happy life.

To go with our cake I served Dulce de Leche Coffee from The Pioneer Woman. I don't drink coffee but I decided to give this a try and it was so delicious. It tasted a lot like cappuchino to me. I searched several grocery stores and the even Mexican grocery store for the dulce de leche and couldn't find it anywhere. I finally found it at Walmart in their ethnic food isle. They only had the can version.

I love to eat brownies and cookies for breakfast so I was glad I saved a little bit of cake for breakfast. I also saw the dulce de leche in a squirt bottle so you could keep it to squirt in your coffee and drink with your cake in the mornings. Good thing I don't have a coffee maker.

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paula said...

what fun. we really got out of the flow of having people over for dinner but this is our year to get back in it. Oh, and those panties are hot!

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