Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lets Wrap This One Up

Well all good things have to come to an end. So here we are on our last day of our quick Disney World vacation.

On the last day we took it easy. The Smiths went to Downtown Disney for most of the day. I stayed around the hotel and hung out with Eric between his meetings. After lunch I met up with the Smiths at Downtown Disney.

When I got there they were eating at a restaurant called T-Rex. It had a lot of noise and lights and Baron was a little scared.

Downtown Disney is mostly made up of shops and restaurants with a few things to do. There is a big Lego store with stations set up outside to play in.

There are also tons of shops with anything Disney you could imagine. A few years ago when we came Eric & I both wanted to buy everything in site. I think they pump happy/spending gasses throughout the parks. I was really good and only bought this cute Minnie Mouse mug.

I left early because I was feeling sickly.
We went to dinner Friday night at Chef Mickeys. It was a lot of fun getting to spend more time with the characters (yes I am 27 years old). Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck all eat there. They rotate the tables throughout the night.

(Sorry for the terribly blurry badly lit pictures you are about to see)

Remember how I said I was feeling nauseous earlier in the day, well lets just say right after Minnie left my body disposed of my $30 meal. I'm just glad I was able to make it to the out of there so I didn't set off a chain reaction and banned from Disney World forever. Too bad I am about to pass out in this picture Minnie is my favorite.

I think Mickey stole some of his dance moves from me.

So here are some details for those who asked.

*We stayed at Coronado Springs in the Casitas. It has been refurbished since we stayed there 4 years ago. They haven't updated their website yet to reflect the changes. The beds now have the feather mattress covers as well as feather duvet covers and pillows. They also have new furniture which is nice. It is suppose to be one of their "budget" resorts, but it was the nicest motel I've stayed in.

*I really like staying on the Disney campus. We didn't even get in our car until it was time to go home. Also by staying on campus you can go early or stay late at parks on certain nights.

*We took snacks and drinks into the park to save a little money. We even took our own lunch but caved and ate there and used our lunch for a snack. Make sure you buy drinks and snacks for your room as well since a drink out of the machine is $2.75! Next time I will bring some fruit or yogurt, I was craving it all weekend after eating "park food". At Chef Mickey's we had our choice of pretty much any dessert you could dream of but we all ended up eating a piece of fruit. Brooks had an apple, banana and orange, just goes to show your body needs fresh foods.

(My mom is rolling her eyes right about now and feeling sorry for my future children)

Ok and maybe a little something sweet! Mickey head on an oreo.

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