Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disney Part Deux

Well I'm back for Day 2 of Disney World. After day 1 the number of pictures I took dwindled down. Hopefully I can get some from my sister soon and I can add some here.

Day 2 started out with more Magic Kingdom. The boys met Cinderella and her princess friends. Before the trip my dad told Brooks to give Cinderella a kiss for him. Brooks got all giggly every time someone would mention it, but I think Poppy should have told Baron to be the one to give Cinderella his kiss.

For girls Disney has the Bippity Boppity Boutique, for boys they have the Pirate League Adventure. Of course we had the perfect pirate with us, so he got to spend some time becoming a real pirate.

After Magic Kingdom we all met up at Hollywood Studios

I took this picture without a flash and it isn't even bad blurry!!

At HS studios we watched a Muppet's 3D show, it was cute. I couldn't get over the fact that Brooks didn't know any of the muppets, not even Kermit The Frog!!

Hollywood Studios is cool because you feel like you are in a totally different city. I didn't like the fact that the buildings are tall so I always felt lost since I couldn't see over them. Ha.
At night we were walking down one of the streets right before the park closed and we were the only people on the street. It felt sort of erie because you really did feel like you were in that city alone.

Of course we had to get our picture made with Radiator Springs as Brooks use to call him.

He wasn't so sure about Mater. They kept revving up their engines.

As the park was closing we walked by the Toy Story ride, the guy working it told us if we hurried we could ride it. It was really fun and the guy told Eric that it is the most popular ride out of all of the parks. In the summer people will wait over 3 hours in line to ride Toy Story! That is crazy.

And then we left...

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