Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear January,

You have hung around for too long.
This has been the longest month ever. Christmas seems like months ago, so does Disney World.

*You have been taking advantage of my husband almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY by taunting the deer rut and the end of hunting season in his face.
WARNING the next picture isn't for people who don't like dead animals.

Or maybe he took advantage of you when he opened up on this bad boy

My idea of winter....

I think the fake snow looks nice in my kitchen, but I am about to get depressed. I may have to put some Valentine candy in there, or maybe not. Just some conversation hearts that I won't eat.

*You have brought record low temps to my home. Not only outside but inside. We have kept our heat on 67 (ouch) because

1. if you saw our gas bill for Nov/Dec you would have cried.

2. our house is made of concrete so there is no insulation in the walls so I'm not sure when it is 19 degrees outside it will get any warmer than 67 degrees in the house.

So enter my new best friend:Microfleece sheets from Target.

And they were on clearance for $9!! I have always wanted some fleece or flannel sheets. But I am married and most people that are married don't get to have these kinds of sheets because their husband would burn up all night. But since our house is only 67 degrees, Eric said go for it. And we both love them. They are super soft and thin so it isn't like you are sleeping with a thick blanket. If he didn't like them I was going to cut them in half and sew my half to regular sheets so I could be happy and so could he. But no need. If they had more I would have bought them all.

*We finally finished the stove hood
It has absolutely nothing to do with the original plan except for it covers the ugly, greasy, non working, nasty stove vent.

And lastly my January wish.

Several weeks ago we decided we would do a little switcheroo in the yard. We decided to move the driveway to the side of the house so our cars wouldn't be the focal point of our yard. That was several weeks ago and still nothing. I don't understand why people don't show up to work when you are wanting to give them money.
Well Eric got a little happy one day and rented heavy machinery and tore up the old drive way, but he has already sodded over most of the mess. While he was "playing" he dug up where the new driveway will go and since then it has rained several times turning the new area into a pond.

He has been pumping the water out and they brought the gravel base today so my January wish of having a place to park my car may come true.


jo said...

i love white cabinets, they are soo pretty! BTW-where did you get that wreath? i love it! especially against the white cabinets

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Wow that looks great! It looks 1000x better. Great work.

Bek* said...

this entire post is hilarious. you crack me up.

also, i love the way you covered the vent hood.

paula said...

the hood looks amazing. Cant wait to see the new driveway!

Jo said...

Navy and kelly does look amazing. Like Katie over @ Bowerpower!? Her living room is navy and kelly green,thats cute! :)

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