Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 to do

I know I am a week late on all of these year end/start posts and no one really cares but I like to have written goals. Every year after we get back home from our Christmas visits & trips I always get blah. Blah about cooking, housework, projects, work anything. I'm just blah. Now that I am back at work I feel motivated to start crossing things off my list.

To do in 2010:
*Build the stove hood.

*Find a shower curtain solution for the hall bath.

*Change up our bedroom

*Replace the light in the living room, kitchen, breezeway and master bathroom
ordered this Monday for the living room!

*Get our driveway finished

*Do something, anything to the back yard

*Organize all of my mom's pictures from when we were kids

*Decide if I'm going to have a baby

*Water our houseplants more

*Grow in the Word like seriously - watching the Duggars doesn't count.

*Lose the extra lbs I put on last year

*Take Claire on more walks

*Pay off E's student loan

*Refinish our hardwood floors to look like this - may turn into a 2011 project or 2012 or 2013

or maybe a smidgen lighter we have a lot of white dog hair

*Not sacrifice a 5 year wedding anniversary trip for a project on the house (this maybe the hardest one to keep)

*Make a quilt for myself

I think those are attainable check back in 2011 to see which ones didn't get crossed off the list.


bethanypaige2 said...

GO ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY TRIP! book it now. soon. pay for it. then go, and you'll LOVE that you did... i'm pretty sure... i love your list. mine is not un-similar, but i don't own a house so those are altered as should be. cheers to a new year! and to all the possibilities..

paula said...

great list. Deciding to have a baby, now that's a big one. Love the light and I wish we had lighter floors now that we have a white dog, ugh.

Bek* said...

ok, this made me laugh out loud. especially the decide whether or not to have a baby part.

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