Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear January,

You have hung around for too long.
This has been the longest month ever. Christmas seems like months ago, so does Disney World.

*You have been taking advantage of my husband almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY by taunting the deer rut and the end of hunting season in his face.
WARNING the next picture isn't for people who don't like dead animals.

Or maybe he took advantage of you when he opened up on this bad boy

My idea of winter....

I think the fake snow looks nice in my kitchen, but I am about to get depressed. I may have to put some Valentine candy in there, or maybe not. Just some conversation hearts that I won't eat.

*You have brought record low temps to my home. Not only outside but inside. We have kept our heat on 67 (ouch) because

1. if you saw our gas bill for Nov/Dec you would have cried.

2. our house is made of concrete so there is no insulation in the walls so I'm not sure when it is 19 degrees outside it will get any warmer than 67 degrees in the house.

So enter my new best friend:Microfleece sheets from Target.

And they were on clearance for $9!! I have always wanted some fleece or flannel sheets. But I am married and most people that are married don't get to have these kinds of sheets because their husband would burn up all night. But since our house is only 67 degrees, Eric said go for it. And we both love them. They are super soft and thin so it isn't like you are sleeping with a thick blanket. If he didn't like them I was going to cut them in half and sew my half to regular sheets so I could be happy and so could he. But no need. If they had more I would have bought them all.

*We finally finished the stove hood
It has absolutely nothing to do with the original plan except for it covers the ugly, greasy, non working, nasty stove vent.

And lastly my January wish.

Several weeks ago we decided we would do a little switcheroo in the yard. We decided to move the driveway to the side of the house so our cars wouldn't be the focal point of our yard. That was several weeks ago and still nothing. I don't understand why people don't show up to work when you are wanting to give them money.
Well Eric got a little happy one day and rented heavy machinery and tore up the old drive way, but he has already sodded over most of the mess. While he was "playing" he dug up where the new driveway will go and since then it has rained several times turning the new area into a pond.

He has been pumping the water out and they brought the gravel base today so my January wish of having a place to park my car may come true.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silo Inn

The first time I ever met Eric's parents was on a trip out to Texas, which was the first time I had ever been to Texas as well. We went down to Gruene (pronounced Green) for a little vacation to his Uncle & Aunt's place the Gruene Apple Bed & Breakfast.

The Gruene Apple isn't the usual Victorian mansion B&B. It is new and huge with an elevator and every room has a different theme. I stayed in the Broken Arrow Bedroom.

Gruene is a neat little town, mostly know for Gruene Hall. I searched high and low for George Strait but he was no where to be found. They also tube on the river there which is a totally different kind of tubing than we do here at the lake. I couldn't understand how they were going to run a boat in the shallow rocky water, duh they don't!

Anyway all of that back story to get to the main story. Somehow the other day I stumbled upon the website Jetson Green. It is site dedicated to green building. Ugh I hate that word but the site was very interesting and I could have definitely used it while I was in college when they were first starting to really push green building and design.

This was my favorite thing on the site. The Gruene Homestead Inn. Made out of a silo!!

Just tie a mini cow to the porch and I am all over it.

I love the staircase, but I do wish they hadn't used drywall in the space.

I think when I retire and get that pumpkin farm / Christmas tree farm I will build one of these behind my house for company! Accepting donations now to claim your bed.

Click right here and look at those adorable miniature cows.

I think Claire needs an animal sibling.

Monday, January 25, 2010


So this may be old news but last week I found a great clothing website Ruche. They describe themselves as a "modern boutique with a vintage touch". So true.
Here are some of my favorites.

my favorite but they don't have my size but they will email me when/if it comes in!

Chiffon Lei Vneck

Petrina Earing

Their prices aren't too bad either.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Several years ago I was invited to play Bunko with a group of girls. I didn't know anyone that would be there but I needed some friends so I decided to at least try it out. Three years, several different girls, 4 kids and 3 on the way, Bunko evolved into Supper Club. Each month we rotate houses and last night was my turn. We squeezed 11 people into my dining room and overflowed into the living room and enjoyed talking, eating, gifts, and dessert.

I broke out my china...

it is so fun to use your china but then you have to wash it by hand. It wasn't bad though only took 30 minutes and no broken dishes!

My sister is getting married this spring so we all pitched in and gave her enough money to buy a rug she has been wanting. Heather also hooked her up with some granny panties for her wedding night.

Sorry to spoil the surprise Joe

I didnt take any pictures of the food but we had spinach asparagus casserole that was so wonderful and hopefully I will post the recipe soon so you all can enjoy its loveliness.

For dessert we had The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever by The Pioneer Woman. I made it the night before and just warmed it up in the oven while we ate. I could never get the center of the cake to cook so I did a little research and I needed to turn the oven temp down. So if that ever happens to you now you know how to fix it. It was really good, but I could just eat the icing only and live a happy life.

To go with our cake I served Dulce de Leche Coffee from The Pioneer Woman. I don't drink coffee but I decided to give this a try and it was so delicious. It tasted a lot like cappuchino to me. I searched several grocery stores and the even Mexican grocery store for the dulce de leche and couldn't find it anywhere. I finally found it at Walmart in their ethnic food isle. They only had the can version.

I love to eat brownies and cookies for breakfast so I was glad I saved a little bit of cake for breakfast. I also saw the dulce de leche in a squirt bottle so you could keep it to squirt in your coffee and drink with your cake in the mornings. Good thing I don't have a coffee maker.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lets Wrap This One Up

Well all good things have to come to an end. So here we are on our last day of our quick Disney World vacation.

On the last day we took it easy. The Smiths went to Downtown Disney for most of the day. I stayed around the hotel and hung out with Eric between his meetings. After lunch I met up with the Smiths at Downtown Disney.

When I got there they were eating at a restaurant called T-Rex. It had a lot of noise and lights and Baron was a little scared.

Downtown Disney is mostly made up of shops and restaurants with a few things to do. There is a big Lego store with stations set up outside to play in.

There are also tons of shops with anything Disney you could imagine. A few years ago when we came Eric & I both wanted to buy everything in site. I think they pump happy/spending gasses throughout the parks. I was really good and only bought this cute Minnie Mouse mug.

I left early because I was feeling sickly.
We went to dinner Friday night at Chef Mickeys. It was a lot of fun getting to spend more time with the characters (yes I am 27 years old). Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck all eat there. They rotate the tables throughout the night.

(Sorry for the terribly blurry badly lit pictures you are about to see)

Remember how I said I was feeling nauseous earlier in the day, well lets just say right after Minnie left my body disposed of my $30 meal. I'm just glad I was able to make it to the out of there so I didn't set off a chain reaction and banned from Disney World forever. Too bad I am about to pass out in this picture Minnie is my favorite.

I think Mickey stole some of his dance moves from me.

So here are some details for those who asked.

*We stayed at Coronado Springs in the Casitas. It has been refurbished since we stayed there 4 years ago. They haven't updated their website yet to reflect the changes. The beds now have the feather mattress covers as well as feather duvet covers and pillows. They also have new furniture which is nice. It is suppose to be one of their "budget" resorts, but it was the nicest motel I've stayed in.

*I really like staying on the Disney campus. We didn't even get in our car until it was time to go home. Also by staying on campus you can go early or stay late at parks on certain nights.

*We took snacks and drinks into the park to save a little money. We even took our own lunch but caved and ate there and used our lunch for a snack. Make sure you buy drinks and snacks for your room as well since a drink out of the machine is $2.75! Next time I will bring some fruit or yogurt, I was craving it all weekend after eating "park food". At Chef Mickey's we had our choice of pretty much any dessert you could dream of but we all ended up eating a piece of fruit. Brooks had an apple, banana and orange, just goes to show your body needs fresh foods.

(My mom is rolling her eyes right about now and feeling sorry for my future children)

Ok and maybe a little something sweet! Mickey head on an oreo.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disney Part Deux

Well I'm back for Day 2 of Disney World. After day 1 the number of pictures I took dwindled down. Hopefully I can get some from my sister soon and I can add some here.

Day 2 started out with more Magic Kingdom. The boys met Cinderella and her princess friends. Before the trip my dad told Brooks to give Cinderella a kiss for him. Brooks got all giggly every time someone would mention it, but I think Poppy should have told Baron to be the one to give Cinderella his kiss.

For girls Disney has the Bippity Boppity Boutique, for boys they have the Pirate League Adventure. Of course we had the perfect pirate with us, so he got to spend some time becoming a real pirate.

After Magic Kingdom we all met up at Hollywood Studios

I took this picture without a flash and it isn't even bad blurry!!

At HS studios we watched a Muppet's 3D show, it was cute. I couldn't get over the fact that Brooks didn't know any of the muppets, not even Kermit The Frog!!

Hollywood Studios is cool because you feel like you are in a totally different city. I didn't like the fact that the buildings are tall so I always felt lost since I couldn't see over them. Ha.
At night we were walking down one of the streets right before the park closed and we were the only people on the street. It felt sort of erie because you really did feel like you were in that city alone.

Of course we had to get our picture made with Radiator Springs as Brooks use to call him.

He wasn't so sure about Mater. They kept revving up their engines.

As the park was closing we walked by the Toy Story ride, the guy working it told us if we hurried we could ride it. It was really fun and the guy told Eric that it is the most popular ride out of all of the parks. In the summer people will wait over 3 hours in line to ride Toy Story! That is crazy.

And then we left...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Disney World

For the next few days I am going to be doing a recap of my recent vacation, lots of pics of people you don't know, but a lot of people that do know those people want to see these people in pictures so it is for them and me.

Like I previously mentioned, for the past few days I've been somewhere where red rules

Disney World!!

Eric & I along with my sister's family went to Disney World for few days. It was a great trip and so fun with kids. Both of the boys were so well behaved which isn't the case with a lot of the children and parents you see at DW. You never know about the reaction kids will have with the characters but we were very happy to find out Brooks & Baron loved meeting everyone!

The first day we hit up Magic Kingdom, my favorite.

While we were waiting in line to see Pluto, Pinocchio came out so we ran to get a picture with him.

B & B with Pinocchio

E & V with Pluto

I rode with Brooks on the race track. We waited in line for this ride for 30 minutes which was the longest line we waited in!

Baron getting some love from Pooh

Brooks & Eric riding Dumbo, I love the smile on Brooks' face

These two were pretty much inseparable

Brooks was really wanting to ride It's A Small World

The Smiths on the carousel

Dumbo is my favorite ride, the lines were short so Brooks & I hopped on again

Trying out Minnie Mouse's sewing machine!!

Eric always gets his picture made with the toon turf in Minnie's garden shed

The whole crew with Mickey & Minnie!

The main characters that Baron wanted to meet were Donald Duck & Goofy, we found them together. Goofy spent a lot of time with Baron.

Cinderella's castle is so beautiful all lit up. They still had the Christmas light on the castle, but didn't turn them on.

Most of the Christmas decorations were still up on Main Street

One of the best things about the Magic Kingdom is the firework show.
And that is it for Day 1 at The Magic Kingdom. We were very lucky to meet Pluto, Pinocchio, Mickey, Minnie, Alice, Donald Duck, Goofy, Tiger & Pooh. The weather was nice it did get a little cool after the sun went down. There were more people at the park than there were in January 2006 when Eric were there, but the longest line was 30 minutes. One of the many advantages of going in January.

More tomorrow
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