Friday, December 31, 2010

Well I'm back! I hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Years. This post is super late but I wanted to post my Christmas anyway so I can look back next year.

Eric and I celebrated our Christmas early so that we can go out of town on the real Christmas. This year I gave E a TV for his room along with some random items and he gave me my cowhide rug and some other randoms.

Then we went to my parent's house for a few days.

We woke up on Christmas morning to SNOW!!!! That never happens in Alabama!

We went to my sister's house to see what Santa brought my nephews. The golf cart Santa left was covered in snow.

He left a ton of gifts inside as well.

Brooks got a new basketball goal and instead of using a basketball he used snow balls!

We left their house and went down the street to Eric's brother's house to see what Santa brought Chloe Beth. Isn't her play house so adorable, she was so excited!!

Then we were back at my parent's house to play in the snow by 10 am. I love their house in the snow!

We tried to slide on some cardboard but the snow was too wet. Look at my dad he though we were going to make it down that hill. haha.

We just gave up and Eric pulled me down the hill.

Can you spot Claire in the snow? She was in heaven!

The start of a snowman.

For lunch we went to my Nana's house. Her tree is so pretty with colored lights.

We turned out the lights and watched the snow fall.

Then back to my parent's house to open more gifts.
We gave Brooks a Auburn mini helmet signed by Cam Newton that also said "Brooks War Eagle!". He was pumped!

This was the Auburn Christmas. Just about every 3rd gift the boys opened it was Auburn or Cam Newton. Brooks got a Cam jersey and signed helmet, a real used Auburn football, an AU uniform set, and tons of other little AU things. Baron also got an AU uniform set but it is #3 instead of #2 because he is 3 years old and thinks everything has to be 3.
The last gift of the night from my parents was a new bike for Brooks which he loved. Baron also got a riding toy but wasn't too excited because he was expecting a wave pool. Every time he opened a gift he would say "it is just what I wanted." When he saw his riding toy he started to cry and said "it is not what I wanted". We asked him what he wanted and he said a wave pool. Since August he has been asking for a wave pool with 2 slides, 2 ladders and waves for surfing. Maybe next year...

snowball fight on the bike

Are you still here?...
The next day we drove to Texas to Eric's parents. I didn't take very many pictures but this is what Christmas looks like at their house. And they cut back this year.

Can you tell she is an only grandchild?

Chloe Beth has the sweetest personality and was so fun to be around

The rest of the week we just relaxed and there was a lot of Just Dance played on the Wii.

Claire took a few swims in the pool, the water was in the 40's but she was still loving it just a cold pup!

And that was Christmas 2010. Here is to a great 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm still alive, just still very much in the after Christmas hangover/blahs.

Hope everyone had as great of a week as I have, be back soon...maybe.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas To You and You and You

It seems like we just put our decorations up and now it is almost time to take them down. Everything pretty much looks the same as it did last year but we actually have a tree this year unlike last year when we skimped out.

our smores tree

This year I think we had our smallest tree ever. We always get a real tree they are the best, messy yes but I can deal with it. We also use the old school big bulb lights, can you tell where Eric gave up and threw the lights in

Since our "first" Christmas in 2003 we have been collecting ornaments and ornaments are our souvenirs from trips. When I lived at home we got a new ornament every year to represent that year. Eric and I have done the same. We usually pick one out for each other but this year we decided to get a joint ornament. We chose this Aubie driving to the National Championship game. After the game we plan on writing the score, hopefully AU will be the highest number. I couldn't resist and had to place him on the tree next to our Arizona ornament we picked up on our trip in 2008.

My favorite ornament on my parents' tree is my doll house. One year Eric bought me this doll house ornament that looks very similar.

This nativity ornament is my favorite favorite favorite.

I ordered our Christmas Cards through Shutterfly this year with their blogger 50 free cards promotion. I love the way they turned out!! Eric thought the ink was faded but I did that on purpose since I used several different color photos.

When we first got married I would have never thought I would have enough friends to even send out 50 Christmas cards to, everyone moved off after graduation and we were starting over in the friend department. I love getting cards and love to display them. I still have our cards from 2009 out and plan on leaving this years displayed for a while. Our house seems happier!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Eric and I have had a very blessed and fun 2010. Can't wait to see what is in store for 2011!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Birdies

Saturday we made a trip up north for a family Christmas. But first we made a stop on the other side of the mountain at my friend Elizabeth's house to see her little Christmas baby.

Just like her name, Evie is so pretty and tiny and sweet. She has the most beautiful shiny hair and tiny little face.
Eric had never met Amos and after giving him a good look down for 20 minutes he decided he didn't care for Eric.

But he still loved his V. We asked if we could take him home with us but his mama said no.

Sweet lucky babies those two are!

Since it is a first Christmas for both of them I wanted to get them a Baby's 1st Christmas ornament. I couldn't find anything that didn't look generic so I made these 2 little birdies. Which Amos was terrified of.

My sewing machine was starting to get sick so they are a little sloppy but it just adds to the "charm"! right?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bathroom Floors

Thanks for sticking around this past week,hopefully you learned something!
Lets finish up the bathroom with the floors, this is taking as long as the renovation.

Before the floors were just a basic 12x12 tile. The tiles were cracked and coming off of the floor.

Boring and doesn't match my 1950 house.

I am really into vintage bathrooms right now and with our house being built in 1950 I knew just what I wanted, penny round tiles. They are so cute!

Since we had about 14 other projects going on and Eric had just shown me the bill for the new landscape plants and irrigation, I wasn't willing to pony up the money for the penny rounds. They would have been adorable and since I didn't have much area to cover I should have gone for it but at the time I wasn't budging.

And neither was our tile rep, he wouldn't come off his price on the penny rounds or the octagon and dot. I went Home Depot and bought these octagon and dot tiles. HD was cheaper than my wholesale price for the exact same product. I think these were only $2 a foot.

After we demoed the old tile, backerboard, and felt paper we cleaned the floor then waterproofed. Once that was dry we layed a backerboard and taped and mudded the joints just like on the shower walls. We went ahead and did this several weeks before we layed the tile because the floor was too ugly to look at and it made the mess seem a little cleaner.

Laying the tile wasn't too bad. The bathroom is just a rectangle room so not much to it. The bathtub does have a jut out so that was a little tricky. They do sell things at Lowes that will help you get that perfect cut around areas like that.

The bad thing about the tiles was when you cut them, they would chip. Eric cut the first sheet and they start to chip, I knew by the look on his face it was going to be a fun day. After turning the sheet wrong side up the tiles would chip on the bottom, not the top. Also you can use masking tape on the cut to prevent chipping.

The good thing about the tiles is that they are on a mesh sheet so you can just pop the ones off you don't need and if you need a special cut just pop that one off and cut it, like Eric is doing here. But watch those fingers.

We layed the tile, being careful not to get a ton of thinset coming up between the tiles. It is pretty much impossible to prevent, but have your toothpicks and paper towels handy. Also a good tip is use the thinset closest in color to your grout so when the thinset does come up between the tiles, at least it will blend with the grout. Since we were using dark grout, I used grey thinset.

I am the tile layer and grouter of the house. This is how I celebrated my 27th birthday, hence the gardenia in my ponytail. This floor was much more enjoyable to grout than the shower walls. I just buffed the haze off the tiles with the scrubby side of a sponge and we were good to go after a cleaning. And just like the shower walls since the grout joints are so tiny make sure to use UNsanded grout.

And here she is all finished

With this being the floor I am really glad that I went with the dark grout. We had initially thought this bathroom would be used very little, but now Eric has taken over so I can only imagine the white grout after Eric walks in with his work boots. eek! The white tiles show EVERYTHING but I guess that is the price for beauty and I enjoy cleaning.

Does anyone remember Haskell Harris' house, she had white octagon and dot tiles in her
kitchen. Beautiful but I would have given up by now if my kitchen had all white tiles!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sugar Cookies

Well I didn't take a picture of the bathroom floor again so I will share something sweet today.

I had some friends over for lunch today. Potato Soup and Taco Soup in the crockpot. All I had to do was make the cheese toast when I got home. Super easy and fun, hopefully we will do it more often. Then it was back to work. boo.

Look what Mary Kathryn brought for dessert....

Enough sugar to fill my quota until 2011.

But if you weren't lucky enough to have Gigi's cupcakes at lunch scroll on...
I made these melted snowmen cookies for my Sunday School cookie swap last night. While they didn't turn out as cute as my


, I think you could at least tell what they were suppose to be.

They were pretty easy to make but I learned a few things that will make the next go around smoother and look better.
When you put the marshmellows in the microwave spray your plate with PAM to make it easier to get the off.
Also space the marshmellows so they don't touch. They are so much easier to work with when they aren't all stuck together!
I decorated 5 cookies at a time so that my icing wouldn't harden too much and the marshmellows were still warm enough to stick to the icing.
I used a little icing to adhere the sprinkles to the marshmellow and the sprinkles would have been a lot neater if I used tweezers.
I used the BEST icing recipe. It hardened up but not hard enough that it would chip a tooth. In an hour the icing was hard enough that the cookies could be stacked.

1 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons milk
2 tsp corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract

Just mix together, adding milk when needed.

I used the vanilla extract because that is all I had so my snow was a little dark but since almond extract is clear the icing would turn out white if you used it.
I also used more milk to get the icing to the right consistency (not too runny but loose enough to be spread with a spatula). Also I think if you add more corn syrup the icing gets shinier.


PS - Mr Penny is going to Glendale! $10,000 was raised for his trip! So he and his wife are getting air, game tickets, hotel, transportation, and spending money. They also gave him luggage and a digital camera to take on his trip, gift cards to local stores,an Auburn print, helmets signed by Chizik and Cam Newton, and a shirt!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bathroom Sink

I was going to do the bathroom floor today but realized I don't even have a picture of the floor. Sooo today is the vanity and paint in the bathroom. Scroll on down for other bathroom posts.

When we moved in the sink was just a regular pedestal sink with a rounded bowl. Nothing was wrong with it, but it wasn't the shape I was wanting.

I did want to go back with a pedestal sink, but this time a square on like we had in our old house.

And Eric wanted to go with this vanity

Neither one of us wanted the same sink, but it worked out just fine because neither one of the sink choices would have fit in the narrow space. We compromised and went with this, it is sort of half vanity/half pedestal sink from Lowes.

I never have really been a fan of these types of vanities, but I am sold now that I see how well it has functioned for us. I still have to paint it to match the trim, I'll add it to my winter project list.

Our faucet is by Price Pfister. It is the
Ashfield and I bought it from The Faucet Discounters on ebay. I think I paid around $40 and it retails for $250! I decided to go with chrome in the bathroom. It was more fitting with my tile in the bathroom and the vintage feel I was going for.


The beadboard was already installed when we purchased the house -perfect we love beadboard. I was wanting to go with a grayish or white on white paint in the bathroom. The grey won, although I do think about painting over the grey with white. I chose Sherwin Williams Mega Greige (SW7031) as my main paint for the walls. It is a gray but with a brown undertone. Love it.

The beadborad and trim color is Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois (969). I wanted a trim color that I could use in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen for my trim and kitchen cabinets. Not too white and not too yellow, so Soft Chamois was perfect. Before it dried it looked really yellow, so don't panic it will dry fine.

I don't remember on the light (sorry) and the mirror is from Lowes. There is a HUGE hole behind the mirror and since it is plaster we can't repair it, so I had to find a mirror large enough to cover the hole.

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