Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hook Em Horns

Can you guess where I was.....

It snowed all morning and I wanted to go out and get some pictures of some TEXAS longhorns. We hit the jackpot.
This little guy (compared to the others) was all alone until the others herd (get it) us coming

Then they all started to come thinking we had food

I love cows and this little white one stole my heart. Look at the eye contact.

No zoom, I was a little nervous!

I wish the white one would have fit in the truck for the ride home back to Alabama. He could live in our back yard until he grew up and then live at the farm. I would name him Snow Ball and tie a big bell around his neck!

Then Oreo Milkshake as I named him decided to find out why we weren't feeding them.

So I decided to give him a piece of grass

I wish we had smuggled my nephew into our suit case on this trip - snow, Texas, "real Texas" cowboys and longhorns would be more than he could handle!

I propped the camera on a snow covered bale of hay so we could both get a picture

Back at the house the snowflakes were the size of a quarter!


Jo said...

You were here and you didn't even tell me! lol, well that's okay! I forgive. I like the picture of you and Eric infront of his parents' house! Awesome shot of you two. Those flakes were huge huh???? We had snow again yesterday and they were larrrrrge also!!!!! I'm glad you got to come to Texas!!!!

Jo said...

Your sweet!! :) Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!! Yeah, maybe this summer we could do a lunch or something when you guys come over!!!

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