Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Part 1

Christmas has come and gone. Pretty soon it will be the 4th of July, crazy to say but true. We headed to my parents house last week to celebrate.
I love the way their house looks all lit up for Christmas.

Christmas Eve we went to watch The Squeakquel, it was really cute.

This photo was snapped right before my nephews went home to wait for Santa. Brooks was getting ancy once my cousin received an email from Santa.

Christmas morning my sister came into my bedroom and said look out your window! I jumped up, looked out, and screamed! It was snowing hard. By the time I got dressed, it had stopped but it snowed on and off through out the morning. Here is the proof, you may have to squint!

Then we loaded up and went to check out what Santa brought the boys. Brooks wanted a real BB gun. "I mean a REAL BB gun" as he would say..

And Baron asked for a motorcycle police. How cute!

Even after Brooks got tons of gifts, his favorite was a lock in his stocking at my parent's house. As you can see he loves to tie up anything in their house. He told me he is "all about ropes".

Me and my dad before we went to my Nana's house...

Baron trying on the longalls I made him and looking for snow outside with Claire Belle.

We taught Brooks Hook Em Horns! We usually aren't Texas fans, but Alabama is playing them for the National Championship, and Eric's sister goes to UT.

And that is is for Christmas in Alabama. Up next Christmas in Texas.


paula said...

looks like so much fun! have a happy new year.

The Williamson Family said...

I agree with you on the hook em horns! I love your parent's house lit up for Christmas as well.

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