Monday, December 7, 2009


Well I can check something off my list! Yesterday I attended a baby shower for one of my sewing buddies. Gracie is her second baby and with me being the second baby, I knew that little Gracie needed something special of her own.
I made her this smocked bubble using the Maja Heirlooms Sophie pattern. Sophie is a pretty easy pattern to follow. I have made the pants on the pattern several times, but this was my first time making the bubble. I will be making it again because it takes no time to smock and you could finish it in just a few hours. Just make sure you don't put the snaps on opposite like I did.
I used a very simple plate for the smocking. My threads snapped before I had even finished my cable stitch rows so I was pretty frustrated from the start of the smocking. But Anna knows how to smock so she can take it out and resmock another design if she wants.

When Anna had her first baby girl, Parker, I made her a wipes case. It is looking pretty bad so I made a new one for Gracie. This one has Gracie's initials but I just realized it would work for both girls!

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