Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday thru Sunday

I know most of you don't care, but I don't want to forget the last few days

First of all I survived my kitchen looking like this:

But I was happy when the mess turned into this:

My mom and I cooked Thanksgiving lunch but it turned into supper. Eric worked all day on the football field and his 20 minutes turned into 3 hours. We had to set up in the kitchen buffet style and we ate on the dining room table that my dad built for us. I was also able to use my china and crystal for the first time.

Claire had her 2 cousins over and they were plenty of help

After going to 3 different paper boxes we finally found a paper and planned our strategy for Friday morning

Thursday evening we went downtown to a pep rally and concert. Tyn Times played a fun show. I just looked at their schedule and they are playing Archie Manning's surprise party, hope Archie doesn't read this blog.

Friday after we had been shopping all morning we went to the Auburn vs Alabama game. Our cold Thanksgiving lunch turned supper was all worth it when I came through the tunnel and saw Eric's field! Looked great!

Nova flew directly over us! This picture wasn't taken with any kind of zoom. (My seats are under the press box, not the upper deck) We could have jumped up and touched her.

My sister's family came Friday and even though they were wearing the wrong colors we let them stay, how could we resist that face. Baron is so cute, he was a ball of entertainment

Last night after a full day of shopping for the girls and hunting for the boys, we taught Brooks how to make smores. Yummy!

We finished up the weekend with pictures and lunch at Toomer's Drugs.

This afternoon I cleaned my house and it is still clean and so quiet. We even took a nap, Claire has been sleeping all day she was so worn out. Now onto Christmas.........

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