Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need Answers

Sunday about 4 seconds before dark, Eric & I went out to the farm to snap a few pictures. I had just purchased a remote for my camera and it is the best ever. It makes snapping photos of yourself so easy.

These next 3 pictures are my favorite. We wish that our little Claire Belle was in the picture, but she was too excited to be looking at the camera. Besides how do you get a dog to look at a camera without anyone behind it?

Eric doesn't like that I'm not smiling in this one, so it is probably out

Question 1.
Which one should I get made into a photo canvas? or none of the above

Question 2.
Should Eric wear a different shirt? I don't know if it is too white?
if it is we can retake

As you can see from the picture, we would go in the green frame. But Eric thinks we should go in the gold one, or at least be in that area of the wall. The picture isn't where it can go vertical, but we could go take another one if we needed to.

Question 3.

Should we use the gold frame instead or put the green frame where the gold frame is?

If we left everything as it is now, I am thinking about putting a chalkboard in the gold frame. This is where I do my sewing and I could put my list of things to make on the chalkboard.

Above the gold frame I am wanting to put a little poster with a cute quote or something. I found several on etsy that I like. I could get one of them but I also thought of enlarging a passage from the Bible, my favorite The Proverbs Wife, or a page from my favorite book.

Live What You Love

You Are All I Need

House of Wisdom

Only Hope - My favorite. I love this one because I love that verse, but the letters also look like they are stitched which would be great since this is my sewing area.

Question 4.

Which one do you think would work best for my space, even if you think they are all heinous?

And because we feel bad about Claire being too out of control to be in the family picture....

Ok people you have 4 questions to answer!


angie said...

ummm... how did you know some of the exact poses we did for our e pics?? i like the 3rd one because your smile is more natural. i don't think the outfits contrast too much. i like the wisdom house and i think the green frame would go best with the colors of the picture. p.s. nice bench!

bethanypaige2 said...

i like the green frame too and i like the 2nd or 3rd pics best...
and i like the idea in the gold frame of the chalk board.
those pics are all awesome btw -- what camera do you have? they are so good!

bethanypaige2 said...

mom says she likes the 3rd pic best like angie, and she thinks you should put it in the green frame but where the gold one is. and we both erics shirt.

vanessa said...

Angie- I am magic
Love that Rhonda chimed in! It is a Nikon D60. I don't really know how to use it well enough, but I did my editing in picnik.com.

Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd picture and the green picture frame.I like the house but the saying that looks like stiching would look good since that is your sewing area.

paula said...

I love the way you are holding hands and leaning in to him in the 3rd pic. you two are adorable.

Jo said...

You know, I think the chalkboard would be awesome in the gold frame, but I also think the pictures would. But they def. would not be bad in the green frame. :) If you like the green frame well enough put it there, if not you could always paint. I like the way it looks though. I like Eric's shirt but at the same time, its' BRIGHT, compared to the scenary, but I like that. I LOVE the third picture, love the way your stance is. GREATTTTTT PICTURES!!!

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