Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lily's Table Cloth

Does anyone watch How I Met Your Mother? It is one of my favorite shows. I love Barney even though he stands for everything I am not for. Anyway last night was Slapsgiving 2 which was hilarious. But the whole episode I could only concentrate on one thing, Lily's tablecloth.

Wait for it



Wait for it (you've got to watch the show to get it)


These were the best photos I could find on cbs.com. But it looks like a pleated green and beige silk. I love that it doesn't touch the floor, makes it just a little more casual. I don't have the patience to make one of these and I don't have the money to buy one. For now I will just admire it in Lily's house. Love her kitchen too.


Jennifer said...

Hi there...I have been searching the internet for that same tablecloth as well! I just loved it and can't find it anywhere online...I'm sure I'm not using the correct search terms either. Would be nice to have something like that for the big dinner party tonight... :)


Bek* said...

ummmm, yes. also, i'm still obsessed with her tablecloth from the first slapsgiving, the green round one over the longer black and white striped one. i want a round table just to get that look.

p.s. liz just introduced me to your blog. love it.

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