Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breezeway Floor

November has been another list month. Not as crazy as May's list, but we are trying to wrap up a few projects before the end of the year, so we can start a new list of course.

One of the projects on the list was the breezeway floor. Before it was an ugly shade of painted red concrete. This is the best before picture I have, it was from the first time we looked at the house in 2008.

Some of the paint was peeling so before we could lay the tile we had to scrap all of the paint off. Not so fun.

We thought about using the brick that we used in the kitchen for the floor, but the tile we used was free. My boss decided he was in a throwing out mood last week at work, so I was able to get the tile before it got tossed into the dumpster.

I think I like the way it works with the wall color. I don't plan on repainting the brick walls so it will just have to make do, welcome to the brown room. But good news Elizabeth, my burlap curtains look terrible in there, so Happy Birthday!

Here is the finished product. It took us a little longer than expected because of the pattern and size of the tile, but it was an overall quick project compared to the other projects we have done in the house. We are wanting to put up a baseboard to break up the browns, but aren't sure how to attach it. Does anyone know how to attach a baseboard to a brick wall?

One tip that I have and it is a huge one: Don't skimp on the thinset. Trust me on this one. in our old house we just bought the $6 bag of thinset from Home Deopt. DON'T DO IT!!!!! A few days later we had to take the tile up because there was no adhesion and our grout started to crack. Spend the extra $$ and get a good thinset. Also read the back of the bag to see if you need modified or unmodified thinset and if it will work for your tile. It will be the best money you've ever spent. Also don't use your thinset if it is too wet.
Also make sure when cleaning up the tile not to get the grout too wet. I am so neurotic after the nightmare of the kitchen brick floor and the grout with it that I wiped down the grout 3 times and got the grout too wet. As a result it dried about 4 shades too light. I will use grout stain sometime to darken it up, so no big deal.


Jo said...

I love it! :) great job. ibet it's cold to stand on too!

elizabeth said...

yay!!! lucky me!
also, i know this was not the point of the post, but i love the striped rug!

vanessa said...

It isn't really cold, the concrete before it wasn't either. The hardwood is colder, not sure why?

I bought the rug at target last year for $6. I wish I could turn it the other way, but I still love it.

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