Monday, November 23, 2009

The Blind Side

Over the weekend the stove hood didn't get built. It rained most of the weekend at my house and power tools + fiberboard + rain = nothing being built. But we did get to finish up a lot of small annoying projects and I am happy with that.

We went to see The Blind Side Saturday night and it was sold out. I am so glad we went again last night and were able to get a ticket. It was one of the best movies I've ever seen and I can't stop thinking about it today. My eyes are very swollen from crying so much. It has a great message and made me realize how I unintentionally treat others. Everyone hasn't had the life I've had, but everyone deserves a chance.

I loved when Tommy Tubberville came on screen, everyone cheered really loud.
Miss him.

And booed when Saban came on screen.

In the south this movie was heavily promoted. By having SEC schools, and real coaches playing themselves it was a sure sell in the south. Several showings were sold out in Auburn over the weekend. I'm not sure if it is promoted in your area of the country, but go see it if it isn't, and after your home look up all of those great schools!

Oh and Eric said they don't store dead body parts under Neyland Stadium, but I'm not so sure....

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Jo said...

I wanted to go see The Blind Side last night but we went to see Planet 51!!!!! :) It's so cute. I love animations, it's so interesting what you can do with cartoons people!!!

PS- I saw Keri Friday night @ Mi Familias and told her we "talk"... comment.... at least every other day to each other. She loved it! haahahahah :)

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