Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Make It

Little Fish Big Pond is a shop on etsy that sells DIY clothing kits. The DIY kits include everything you need to make the garment such as: the adorable fabric, thread, elastic, and easy to follow pattern. They are even ranked on skill level. I love this idea because to me the worst part about sewing is cutting out the garment. I think it would be great if you lived in a town where you didn't have easy access to cute fabric, thread, elastic, and patterns. You can't imagine a world where there isn't easy access to such wonderful luxury items, well it is called my home town.
Here are some of my favorite DIY kits:

Spring Fling Skirt only $12
Sunny Gypsey Swing Top only $15
Now go forth and create


Shelley Blocker said...

Vanessa, I read your blog all the time and I love it!! It inspires me to be crafty...:) You're so good at what you do! I love this link to the sewing kits...they are absolutely precious! I may just have to learn to sew b/c of it! Hope you're doing well!

The Williamson Family said...

Do you really think the ruffle pants are easy? I am needing red polka dot pants for our trip to Disney. I need some for Savannah who wears a size 8 but everyone stops their pants at a size 6 like once you get that size you have to dress like a big girl and not a little girl like they still are.

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