Wednesday, October 14, 2009


quick like...

Eric & I have a costume party to go to on the 24th. I thought I had our costumes figured out Juno & Bleeker from the movie Juno

But now I don't know if I want to dress up as a pregnant person if I'm not pregnant. How fun will it be to dress up as a pregnant person?

But one reason I was going for the costume is it would be easy for Eric but still good. But rest assured he won't be wearing shorts that short.

So what else could we be? I don't really want to buy something. Most anything for sale is extra trashy anyway, but I need something quick to make.

I thought about a witch but what would Eric be? Then I thought about maybe Bonnie & Clyde or Charlie Brown & Lucy. I could make a Lucy dress and a Charlie Brown shirt would be pretty simple.

Or I guess we could always be hobos. What person didn't use that costume at least once as a kid? So give me your suggestions please!!

Halloween 2008 Ugly Betty (had to take advantage of the braces) & Cowboy (boring)


Natalie said...

i love that you love how to REALLY do halloween. like dressing up for REAL.

i think your first option is a definite.

elizabeth said...

i don't know, but can you give me and jd a suggestion??

bethanypaige2 said...

ha! this whole thing made me laugh! i think you can't go wrong... love th juno/bleeker idea but pretty sure anything you come up with could be great. eric WOULD make a great great bleeker though and you could TOTALLY do juno... it could be pretty super fun..

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