Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite Tray

Yesterday I took a quick trip to the antique store while Eric went back up to the stadium to do some work.
While I was there I picked up this cute tray for only $2. There were several more that I am now wishing I picked up. I don't think they had ever been used because they were all in perfect condition with the original craft paper used as a separation.

I love the colors & print!

I may be making a trip back to the antique store after work to pick up my tray's friends.

I also bought Christmas table cloth for $3.75 and plant holder thingy for only $9.

Bow season just started here so Eric will be no where in sight until dark for the next few days, weeks & months. If he supports his hobbies, I must support my as well.

1 comment:

paula said...

what a great find. so pretty.

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