Thursday, October 29, 2009


Juno & Bleeker
As you can tell we did go as Juno & Bleeker this year for Halloween. It was a gametime decision but worked out great. I did come to the conclusion that I did not enjoy being fake pregnant, so I probably wouldn't enjoy being real pregnant. So I guess that can be pushed back a few more years. Phew!

Cactus and Senior Nacho. They won best costume. The cactus was a sweatsuit with weed eater string hot glued all to it. Genius.

And I bet you didn't know that Amelia Earhart and Jack Bauer are engaged.

Our hosts, a Greek Goddess and her Roman Solider

As you can tell from the pictures Hannah's house was all decked out for the party. They had spider webs EVERYWHERE. She even changed out her art for some scary pictures. It was great. Unfortunately this is the only picture of the decorations I have, the food table. What else would you expect from a fake pregnant woman.

Can't wait until next year, I've already got our costumes planned.


Hannah Dixon said...

I couldn't have done it with out great friends like you! Thanks for all of your help! You're the best!

paula said...

you two are adorable!

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