Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My niece turned 2 recently so I thought I would show y'all what we made for her gifts. She has so many toys that I thought it would be nice to give her something else. Plus she is a girl, and what girl doesn't like a new outfit.

I bought the "ready to smock" top off of ebay last year. I made the pants from the "Sophie" pattern by Maja Heirlooms. It is a super simple pattern to follow, I didn't mess up once or have any questions and that is saying a lot!

I had the turtle smocking plate from an unfinished project so I thought the dots on his shell would be perfect with the pants fabric. I am not the best picture smocker. For some reason I can't follow the directions and always mess up somewhere. In smocking if you mess up once, it ruins everything. I caught my mistake on the second row and went ahead and finished smocking the turtle even though I pretty much had to make up the pattern. That would explain why he looks like a pyramid instead of a turtle!!

Eric & I didn't want to buy her any toys, but we had to give her something fun, right? So *we made her a tutu. It is made from fuchsia and purple tulle with turquoise as an accent color. With the leftover scraps we made her baby doll one to match (adorable!). She loves to dance, so I think she will get many hours out of that tutu.

Happy Birthday Chloe Beth!
Me, Eric, Chloe Beth the Birthday Girl driving Baron in the Barbie Jeep and Brooks

*we- I don't want to embarrass anyone but when I said *we made the tutu, I wasn't referring to myself. But someone that lives in our house did make the tutu. I told them what to do and they took over. Just want to give credit where credit is due. Hint it wasn't Claire, she doesn't have opposable thumbs!


elizabeth said...

omg!! so cute!!

Jo said...

what a doll! :) Chloe Beth is SO cute!

paula said...

they are both adorable!

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