Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Food

I love to cook for a theme. Soooo Halloween is especially fun for me to get to go a little crazy with food. If we ever have kids it will be so fun to make these themey foods, but for now I'll torture Eric. Last week when we were at Byron's BBQ I drew skeleton and jack-o-lantern faces on his fried potato slices with ketchup, he really loved that.

Here are some of my favorite Halloween recipes

I also made these for the party last weekend. I used Kale to make them appear to be pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.

Monday night I turned our crescent rolls into witches hats.

Last night we had "Dinner At Twilight". Which was really just steaks, but I couldn't think of a Halloween name and the Cullen's, in the book Twilight (for all of those that live under a rock), only eat animals not humans so Eric thought to call it "Dinner At Twilight". That and he put a dimmer on the dining room light yesterday, so we put in on low like Twilight. Tonight we are having "Goblin Brains & Eyeballs" (spaghetti), Thursday we are having "Shredded Flesh" (pulled pork), and Friday we are having Mummy Hot dogs.

And to me it wouldn't be Halloween with out
Chili no matter how hot an Alabama Halloween is.

Happy Eating!

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paula said...

love the pumpkin cheese ball, so perfect for fall get togethers.

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