Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute Costumes

Costumes are another thing I love about Halloween.
If I ever have kids I really want to make their costumes.
But if I don't here are the cutest store bought costumes around.

Oh yes, I know every word to Grease and have my own Pink Ladies jacket, made by my mom

Piggy this would be so easy to make out of a bath mat dyed pink.


we had a costume just like this but it was handmade

Hedgehog - no longer available

This would be so easy to make

Cupcake Costume - Pottery Barn I think

And my favorite little trick or treaters. I don't think I've ever seen a cuter cowboy and pony


bethanypaige2 said...

i think the year you were a pumpkin so was jenni and we showed up at nana's... maybe a surprise? seems odd but i think that is the memory. and ya'll matched! so cute! and i agree, had i kids i'd dress them or (or encourage them to want to) ALL the time - not just halloween. love it!

Jo said...

i almost was as pink lady for this weekend :) but I will be an 80s gal.. with a band.

The Franks said...

Hey girl! I clicked on your blog after your comment and it's SO cute! I will have to add you to my list! I love the bakerella website. I'm so glad you have made them before cause I'm gonna use your tips! Hope you have been doing good and keep in touch!

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