Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New House Numbers

Several years ago I saw a picture of a front door with the house numbers painted on it.
I thought that was a unique idea at the time. Now it seems like I am seeing it everywhere in the blog world, not so much in the real world. I have been noticing people's house numbers and have only seen one other house displaying them horizontally on their front door.

A lot of people are using vinyl numbers that can be found on etsy. It is an easier and quicker option than painting, but our door is 59 years old and has 40 bad layers of paint on it, so the vinyl numbers wouldn't look too great.

One of my projects over the weekend was to paint the numbers on the front door. First I put a fresh coat of paint on the door. I would have loved to strip it down and do it right, but I just don't have the time or patience for that. After that I printed out our house numbers in Word. I used Modern 20 font and made it bold the size is 400. The numbers measure about 3 3/4" tall. I cut the numbers out making a stencil of sorts.

Then I taped them to the door and traced with a piece of chalk since our door is black.

I think they kind of look cool like this

After they were all traced I just filled the numbers in with paint. I used the green paint that I got when Glidden was giving away free quarts.

And that is it. The total cost was $0 since I already had all of the supplies. I guess it is close enough to the green door I want.
We are planning on covering the porch floor in slate to go with the flagstone walkway and replacing the light fixture. It isn't even secured to anything other than the vinyl on the overhang! I really want to replace the vinyl with beadboard since we don't know anything about vinyl and it will have a little more character. We also need to do something about the hardware on the door, once we do I may strip and sand the door and do this project all over again on a fresh door.

Now you can see the numbers really well from the street, just not in this picture.

Looking at this picture, I just realized how odd the roof line of our house is. We were told it was once a barber shop so I am wondering if the kitchen (the left small window) was later added on? The breezeway (the french doors) use to be a screened in porch so maybe they were both added? Beside the breezeway we aren't sure if that bedroom was once a garage or an add on also. I do know of one thing that needs to be added to the house: a pool!


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vanessa said...

angie, joe, lexie, rhett, and claire belle maybe if we "pool" all of our resources we can get a pool.

paula said...

love your house!

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