Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just A Sewin'

Well its been pretty slow around here. I don't have too much going on so I guess I'll just show what I've been sewing lately.
Between sewing stuff for my house, gifts and Paisley Jane orders, I've been going through some thread and fusible interfacing.

Recently my sister ordered a bunch of shirts for her sons, a few for gifts, and a few for some friends. I thought they turned out cute enough to show so here they are:

Pirate Ship Shirt for my nephew and his BFF
Another Pirate Ship Shirt
for both of my nephews (pirates are their thing can't you tell)

I had this onesie that I bought for $1 last year so I made an
Alabama Elephant Patch shirt for my nephew

My sister needed a few gifts to keep on hand, so I made a few
Alabama Gingham and Houndstooth Tie Onesies

And I couldn't leave my niece out, so I made her a
Little Tigerette shirt

And lastly, I made a pair of Longalls for one of Baron's bday gifts. I think he approved!

Tonight I am going to get started on my living room curtains. I have some fabric coming hopefully this week for the dining room curtains, then hopefully I will find some fabric to make a shower curtain for the hall bath. I am anticipating the same amount of Paisley Jane work for the end of year as I had in 2008. I may be off a little, but I am trying to get MY projects finished just in case.


Natalie said...

those are fantastic! what kind of sewing machine do you have?

Jo said...

you are so creative I love the first pirate shirt and the girl shirt :) your awesome! keep it up

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