Monday, September 14, 2009

Curtain Delima Part I

I finished the living room curtains yesterday. I am really happy with them! Right now I am training the pleats so I don't have a picture to share.

Last week I ordered two fabrics as contenders for the dining room curtains. I haven't decided on which fabric to keep and which fabric to return. I just draped them over the curtain rod so you can get the idea.

This is fabric #1. I really like the fabric and think it is perfect for the room. The background color of the fabric is pretty much the same color of the walls. It also look good with the other things I have going on in the room and the living room which is next door. The only thing is - are they too predictable? I feel like they aren't any different from anything you could just buy in a store.

This is fabric #2. It is a stark white background with a brown print. The background is too white, so if I did go with these, I would have to tea stain them or something to get the background a little darker. I really like this fabric because it is different and I love the print. But I don't know if the fabric makes a good curtain because you can't really tell anything when they are squenched together.

And here they are together. Sorry for the crummy pictures, but I was working with what I had. I guess I could have moved the chairs, but didn't.

So which you would you choose???

Also above my china cabinet I am hanging 4 pewter plates. On either side of the china cabinet I have some very simple sconces to hang, they are Christmas gold right now. What color should I paint them? My light in the dining room is a oil rubbed bronzeish bell jar light, that is the only other metal.

And since I can't pay you in dollars for your opinion about the curtains and sconces, I will pay you in cuteness.

Eric dropped me and Claire off at the tailgate Saturday morning and look how cute she looked with her makeshift collar! We stayed for a little while and visited then I walked her home.

Plus Eric got to help let Spirit out of her cage before the game! He is the one on the left holding up the AU flag.

There she goes!


The Wileys said...

If you tea stain #2, I like those because of the pattern. But as they are, I really like #1.

Natalie said...

maybe its predicatble, but i think #1 looks fabulous! and you would have to guess that #2 would turn out like you want...i would be nervous about that. but i do love the pattern - me and birds are tight.

oh and love love your other drapes! i might have to contact you for advice when i tackle ours in our dining room and bedroom...

paula said...

love the second fabric. very unique and gorgeous.

I would have loved to have seen you at the game! My husband sent me and the kiddos to get our seats while he helped someone else. about half way around the stadium I decided that was a lame idea, ha! Oh, and so cool about eric and spirit!

Jo said...

that's a hard decision, how about you tea stain #2 and send the other one to me??? I think that's the best idea! ;)

Vitania said...

Oh this is fun -
I would gravitate toward #2 - something about that pattern really catches me and I love lighter panels as well.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I'm loving number 2! I agree it is a bit bright white, but I think tea staining them would look great.

Have you done it before? Maybe test it on a small section first?

You must tell me the pattern name on that fabric and where it came from. I'm loving it and want some for myself!

Barbara said...

I have a random question. How do you go about training the pleats?

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