Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Answers To Your Questions About The Football Field & The Rain

Reenactment of the flood at Saturday nights AU vs WVA game. I couldn't find a picture, so this is pretty close except it wasn't sunny. The guy in the boat is my husband Eric, he is waiving the white flag surrendering to the rain.

A lot of people have been asking me questions about AU's football field after the flood the other night. I keep forgetting what Eric is telling me so I did a little interview with him, here are the answers.

V: How did the field drain so fast after receiving all of that rain Saturday night?
E: There are drain lines that are 5' running across the filed and they are 12" deep. That helps get the water out fast. The field drains fast because the soil on top of the drain lines is 93% sand. Check out the field renovation here.

V: Why didn't get your guys and slide down the 50 yard line during the rain, that is what I would have done since you couldn't do anything else?
E: I was too busy inside of a suite watching the field turn into a pond and we had the eagle Nova, aka Tiger, with us and she was being impatient and squawking at everyone.

V: Is the field really ugly right now?
E: It is noticealby worn but did ok.

V: How do you feel knowing that your sweet little VV (me - his wife) sat in the rain prior to the game and stayed the ENTIRE game, something she doesn't like to do even on dry days, because she felt sorry for you?
E: Very proud but not surprised because she sacrifices for me all the time because some weeks I work long hours then go out to the farm to relax then come home and play my guitar while she is cleaning the house, cooking delicious meals or making new curtains and pillows to save money so I can buy food for my deer.
EDIT: Someone requested I make an edit. Every word after the first 2 in the last answer are suppose to be a joke, but everyone may not know that. I do have a lot of activities myself like sewing night, supper club, Junior League, and Paisley Jane that I do while E is at the farm or work. And he is more likely to give up one of his hobbies to spend time with me instead of me giving up one of my hobbies to spend time together. He's cool like that.


elizabeth said...

did you answer the last question yourself???

Mark said...

Amazing work on the field!
It was pretty cool watching the game on ESPN and being able to say "We read his wife's blog every week!!"
All of the announcers were talking about how fast the field drained and how nice it looked.

Yeah. You're both pretty much famous. War Eagle!
-Mark and Heather

paula said...

We had tickets but because we were still a bit sick we passed, glad we did. great game though, we watched from home. So what does your husband do? My husband loved that you make the flags, so cool.

vanessa said...

Elizabeth - what do you think?

Mark - thanks I for reading. I checked out your blog and the KFC thing is pretty funny, but I had to look away at the picture of blood being drawn, make me pass out!

Paula - Too bad you didn't come to the game there were plenty of handrails for the family! Eric is in charge of all of the athletic fields on campus. He does a little of everything chemicals, maintenance, design oh and now flying the eagle. LOL

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