Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poinsettia Sale

I know it is seems early, but Christmas is only 86 days away. You know what that means, time for the Junior League of Lee County Annual Poinsettia Sale. Now until November 2nd I will be taking your orders for Poinsettias.

The Poinsettia plants come in four different colors: Red, Pink, White, and Marble and two different sizes 10" & 6 1/2". These plants are really big and beautiful, much better than what you find in the big box stores. They will last well past the holiday season. Poinsettias are such a great, easy and cost effective way to enhance the holiday decor of any home or business. They also make great gifts for family, neighbors, clients and church memory dedications.

A great thing about the sale this year is that the Poinsettia plants will be ready a week before Thanksgiving, so you can take one as a hostess gift to your Thanksgiving dinner.
And by buying from Junior League you are funding literacy and art programs for children in the Lee County community and helping to make an impact on over 1,000 children. When else can you spend $20 and help over 1,000 children?

Why don't you buy several different colors and put them all in a large planter for a different look

Isn't this simple poinsettia arrangement so chic. You don't have to keep your Poinsettia plant in plant form, be creative.

Another simple way to mix up a Poinsettia, grab some cypress branches and a few Poinsettia cuts and add to a beautiful container. Great low centerpiece for a table.

There are a lot of people from Lee County and the surrounding area that read this blog, I know I can see you! So make a difference in YOUR community this year and purchase your Poinsettias from a Junior League member. Particularly this one, I mean I did give you some great ideas here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mule Day: FAIL

blog 991

Mule Day 2009 was pretty much a bust. It rained, and then rained and rained some more.

We did make it to the Mule Day Fun Run/Walk. It was a pretty wet affair.blog 1025

blog 1009

Love the slick pony tail and 2 part smile I am sporting??!

And well that is about it, since it rained so much everyone was out of town by 1. Maybe next year it will be better.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mule Day Saturday

Well I'm out this weekend off to Mule Day. Yes I did say Mule Day. Every year on the 4th Saturday in September my hometown has Mule Day. It was started as a parade to honor the hard working mules in the tiny town. What started as a parade now turns the town with a population of 4,500 residents into an all weekend event drawing in over 25,000 people!

It all starts off Friday night with the Flea Market and the stores downtown are open extra late. Saturday there is a 5k and fun run, mule judging, antique car show, the mule parade, arts & crafts and the best food you could imagine.
One of my favorite things about the day is the food. There are all kinds of fair food some of my favorites are fresh-squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes, red beans & rice, and chicken-on-a-stick. I've been saving my calories, not really but I can justify them by walking all day Saturday.

With all of that going on, the most exciting even of the day has to be the Parade. The Winfield High School Pirate Band leads off followed by tons of mules, horses, wagons, tractors, politicians, and marching foot soldiers in Civil War dress. No I'm not exaggerating on the tons. After the parade is over, what does the city do about all of the poop, well the new residents in town get to scoop it. Welcome to Winfield.

I'll be back Monday with all of the action.
If you have the August 2008 issue or it may be the September 2008 issue of Southern Living there is an article about Mule Day and Winfield in it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm No Bakerella

but I have to admit these Apple & Pumpkin Pie Pops did turn out pretty cute! I got the idea here.

Here are my tips:
-One 9" round pie crust made 6 pops.
-I didn't have a circle cookie cutter like Bakerella, so I used a flower shape, I think the circle would have allowed for more filling.
-Make sure the lollipop sticks on on the tray and not hanging off or they will turn brown and look ugly.
-If you roll out your dough again make sure to make it thin enough, if not it will look like the fat ones in my pictures.
-Push the lollipop stick as far as you can and then press the dough against it.
-These make great treats if you want something sweet but have no self control like me, a lot less calories than eating a whole pie.


No you're not losing your eye sight the picture is blurry.

I really want to try with a chocolate filling, one of my favorites. I know this may seem gross but what if you put a little chicken pot pie filling in one, would that be too weird, chicken pot pie on a stick?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Answers To Your Questions About The Football Field & The Rain

Reenactment of the flood at Saturday nights AU vs WVA game. I couldn't find a picture, so this is pretty close except it wasn't sunny. The guy in the boat is my husband Eric, he is waiving the white flag surrendering to the rain.

A lot of people have been asking me questions about AU's football field after the flood the other night. I keep forgetting what Eric is telling me so I did a little interview with him, here are the answers.

V: How did the field drain so fast after receiving all of that rain Saturday night?
E: There are drain lines that are 5' running across the filed and they are 12" deep. That helps get the water out fast. The field drains fast because the soil on top of the drain lines is 93% sand. Check out the field renovation here.

V: Why didn't get your guys and slide down the 50 yard line during the rain, that is what I would have done since you couldn't do anything else?
E: I was too busy inside of a suite watching the field turn into a pond and we had the eagle Nova, aka Tiger, with us and she was being impatient and squawking at everyone.

V: Is the field really ugly right now?
E: It is noticealby worn but did ok.

V: How do you feel knowing that your sweet little VV (me - his wife) sat in the rain prior to the game and stayed the ENTIRE game, something she doesn't like to do even on dry days, because she felt sorry for you?
E: Very proud but not surprised because she sacrifices for me all the time because some weeks I work long hours then go out to the farm to relax then come home and play my guitar while she is cleaning the house, cooking delicious meals or making new curtains and pillows to save money so I can buy food for my deer.
EDIT: Someone requested I make an edit. Every word after the first 2 in the last answer are suppose to be a joke, but everyone may not know that. I do have a lot of activities myself like sewing night, supper club, Junior League, and Paisley Jane that I do while E is at the farm or work. And he is more likely to give up one of his hobbies to spend time with me instead of me giving up one of my hobbies to spend time together. He's cool like that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Wreaths

I love wreaths, and I love etsy so of course I would start my fall wreath search/inspiration on etsy. The Keepers House on etsy has some great fall wreaths. They have the perfect amount of rustic fall charm and they are all great prices.

Click on the wreath title to take you to the store page.

I would love to have one for my door, but I am sure the squirrels would eat it up.
The wreath we have right now has seen better days, I've used it for the past five falls and only so much more hot glue can hold it together. I bought some funkins Friday and made two topiaries. I ran out of time on Saturday so they need a little help as well.
But doesn't the dog in the window make it all look better!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

Image from Volksfaden

Several people have asked what fabrics are in my dining room curtain decision post. The damask print is Premier Prints Avery Denton Cocoa and the brown and white peacock fabric is Cantana Chocolate. both are from fabric.com which I love because you can return the fabric if it isn't what you thought! And they pay the return shipping!! Click on the names to take you to their page.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Of My Favorite Things...

Earlier in the summer I was in my favorite antique store when I came across this galvanized bottle holder. I was wanting one of these to put in my kitchen and it was galvanized which was an extra plus. Right now where I want to use it, there is a microwave so until it is gone, the bottle holder is living on the dining room table.

I have had these hydrangeas from my sister's yard in the bottles for well over a month and they are still going strong.
I bought the three glasses that day as well for 50 cents each. I had an extra set of silverware so I just threw it in the glasses for decoration purposes.

I was really excited about finding the three glass bottles, they were only $2 each and in the same booth as the glasses.

I am thinking about putting sunflowers in the bottles for the fall and mini pumpkins in the glasses. In the spring it would be so pretty to have dogwood branches or azalea in the bottles and glasses. When I first brought the holder home I had fern and queen anne lace in the bottles and that was pretty as well.

And look what was waiting for me when I got home yesterday, the candle I won from The Newlywed Diaries. Revival had the candle wrapped and packed so beautifully I didn't want to open it, but my house was glad I did. It smells so good now. There was a ton of the dark brown stringy stuff in the box so I used some of it for my fall decorations.
Love how he wrote my name.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Curtain Delima Part I

I finished the living room curtains yesterday. I am really happy with them! Right now I am training the pleats so I don't have a picture to share.

Last week I ordered two fabrics as contenders for the dining room curtains. I haven't decided on which fabric to keep and which fabric to return. I just draped them over the curtain rod so you can get the idea.

This is fabric #1. I really like the fabric and think it is perfect for the room. The background color of the fabric is pretty much the same color of the walls. It also look good with the other things I have going on in the room and the living room which is next door. The only thing is - are they too predictable? I feel like they aren't any different from anything you could just buy in a store.

This is fabric #2. It is a stark white background with a brown print. The background is too white, so if I did go with these, I would have to tea stain them or something to get the background a little darker. I really like this fabric because it is different and I love the print. But I don't know if the fabric makes a good curtain because you can't really tell anything when they are squenched together.

And here they are together. Sorry for the crummy pictures, but I was working with what I had. I guess I could have moved the chairs, but didn't.

So which you would you choose???

Also above my china cabinet I am hanging 4 pewter plates. On either side of the china cabinet I have some very simple sconces to hang, they are Christmas gold right now. What color should I paint them? My light in the dining room is a oil rubbed bronzeish bell jar light, that is the only other metal.

And since I can't pay you in dollars for your opinion about the curtains and sconces, I will pay you in cuteness.

Eric dropped me and Claire off at the tailgate Saturday morning and look how cute she looked with her makeshift collar! We stayed for a little while and visited then I walked her home.

Plus Eric got to help let Spirit out of her cage before the game! He is the one on the left holding up the AU flag.

There she goes!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sneak Peak: New Living Room Curtains

Last night I finally got around to cutting out and sewing my new living room curtains.
I decided to go with lined curtains - a layer of flannel sandwiched between the main fabric and the back lining. Since I had never made lined curtains, it did require a bit of brain power, and only one tango with the seam ripper.

On the left is the current curtain that we have in the living room and on the right is the new style, (still to be finished)! I will be keeping my old curtains & matching pillows to switch them out when the mood arises.

Hopefully I'll finish the curtains and pillows this weekend and maybe even recover a lampshade! If I can remember I'll take pictures along the way so people like me that are too impatient to make things the right way will have a tutorial.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just A Sewin'

Well its been pretty slow around here. I don't have too much going on so I guess I'll just show what I've been sewing lately.
Between sewing stuff for my house, gifts and Paisley Jane orders, I've been going through some thread and fusible interfacing.

Recently my sister ordered a bunch of shirts for her sons, a few for gifts, and a few for some friends. I thought they turned out cute enough to show so here they are:

Pirate Ship Shirt for my nephew and his BFF
Another Pirate Ship Shirt
for both of my nephews (pirates are their thing can't you tell)

I had this onesie that I bought for $1 last year so I made an
Alabama Elephant Patch shirt for my nephew

My sister needed a few gifts to keep on hand, so I made a few
Alabama Gingham and Houndstooth Tie Onesies

And I couldn't leave my niece out, so I made her a
Little Tigerette shirt

And lastly, I made a pair of Longalls for one of Baron's bday gifts. I think he approved!

Tonight I am going to get started on my living room curtains. I have some fabric coming hopefully this week for the dining room curtains, then hopefully I will find some fabric to make a shower curtain for the hall bath. I am anticipating the same amount of Paisley Jane work for the end of year as I had in 2008. I may be off a little, but I am trying to get MY projects finished just in case.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Baron!

Today is my favorite 2 year old nephew's birthday!

Baron is a spunky little kid and he has the most awesome blond hair. He always makes a sly face when he is about to do something sneaky but he is sweet enough to let you still hold and cuddle him. And at only 2 he is a little daredevil - fearless.

Since he is still young, I don't have a list of the funny things he says, pretty much anything he says is funny because you wonder how he knows so much to say. Anytime someone says War Eagle he always responds Roll Tide with a straight face, it is pretty cute.

Happy Birthday Bear! Love Sissy, Ek, and CareBelle

Thursday, September 3, 2009

War Eagle!

Did you know that today is College Colors Day?

I've got my colors on, how about you?

I am wearing an orange shirt with my navy shoes, I just can't take pictures of myself and Claire doesn't have opposable thumbs so she couldn't either.


This week The Auburn Plainsman did an article about my Boo and his job. To check it out click HERE.

(i am sure most of you don't care but the picture in the article isn't showing up but if you right click on the X and click copy you can paste it in a word document and see his bad self)

If Only

I needed a new duvet set.

I would totally run over to smartbargains.com and buy this baby

This Mosaic Duvet Set includes the duvet cover and 2 shams all for $39.99!! That is a crazy good deal. This is such a hot pattern right now and I haven't seen one of these sets for under $200.

It also comes in black which would look awesome with an aqua room.

I am also loving the sheets, I may just find a way to get those in my cart.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New House Numbers

Several years ago I saw a picture of a front door with the house numbers painted on it.
I thought that was a unique idea at the time. Now it seems like I am seeing it everywhere in the blog world, not so much in the real world. I have been noticing people's house numbers and have only seen one other house displaying them horizontally on their front door.

A lot of people are using vinyl numbers that can be found on etsy. It is an easier and quicker option than painting, but our door is 59 years old and has 40 bad layers of paint on it, so the vinyl numbers wouldn't look too great.

One of my projects over the weekend was to paint the numbers on the front door. First I put a fresh coat of paint on the door. I would have loved to strip it down and do it right, but I just don't have the time or patience for that. After that I printed out our house numbers in Word. I used Modern 20 font and made it bold the size is 400. The numbers measure about 3 3/4" tall. I cut the numbers out making a stencil of sorts.

Then I taped them to the door and traced with a piece of chalk since our door is black.

I think they kind of look cool like this

After they were all traced I just filled the numbers in with paint. I used the green paint that I got when Glidden was giving away free quarts.

And that is it. The total cost was $0 since I already had all of the supplies. I guess it is close enough to the green door I want.
We are planning on covering the porch floor in slate to go with the flagstone walkway and replacing the light fixture. It isn't even secured to anything other than the vinyl on the overhang! I really want to replace the vinyl with beadboard since we don't know anything about vinyl and it will have a little more character. We also need to do something about the hardware on the door, once we do I may strip and sand the door and do this project all over again on a fresh door.

Now you can see the numbers really well from the street, just not in this picture.

Looking at this picture, I just realized how odd the roof line of our house is. We were told it was once a barber shop so I am wondering if the kitchen (the left small window) was later added on? The breezeway (the french doors) use to be a screened in porch so maybe they were both added? Beside the breezeway we aren't sure if that bedroom was once a garage or an add on also. I do know of one thing that needs to be added to the house: a pool!

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