Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday was pretty boring at work, blah blah blah. So I skipped out of there at 5:00 and headed up to the football field. They were having ice cream and a meet and greet with Aubie and the cheerleaders. They were also showing the video that will play before the games this year, I saw some of it last weekend, so my main motivation for going was to see my baby friends and ice cream!

Calleigh is thrilled to get her picture made with me!

Aubie was there too, but all of the kids were hogging him, so I didn't get a chance to profess my love to him. But I did see Aubie, uh hum undressed the other day, and lets just say, the feelings weren't there.

I didn't stay long because I had to go to Columbus, GA to pick up some fabric. I saw the fabric on Camila's blog High Heeled Foot In The Door. She did a room makeover for her sister using the fabric as a headboard. I harassed her for about a week about the fabric. She let me know she bought it at Joann's and even offered to pick some up for me and ship it! Luckily I was able to find some at the Columbus Joann's. I needed 6 yards and they had 5 yards 33 inches. Sold!

Luckily it started to rain at the stadium so Eric went with me to get the fabric. When we ran home to let Claire out before we left she gave us this face

It worked and we loaded her up for her first trip to Georgia. Now she has traveled to Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. If I do say so myself, she is well traveled. She hasn't been to as many states as Molly & Jake, but her parents only take her as far west as Texas.

We made it to the fabric store and I was able to pick up my fabric!

The fabric didn't come with a coordinate, so I chose the geometric print to maybe make some pillows and even cover a lamp shade in.

It was raining this morning so I didn't have great light to take pictures of the fabric. The red color is a little darker than shown. My furniture is a dark red leather (see Claire sitting on the chair). It has been hard finding fabric that will coordinate with it without being the heavy burgundy and gold. Right now I have silk stripe curtains and pillows and they look great with the furniture and artwork but I just wanted something a little brighter. My art has gold in it so I was glad that the new fabric will still match it while updating the space with a little grey and taupe.

This weekend I have 6 applique shirts to make and a birthday outfit to finish sewing but I may try and squeeze in the curtains. Whenever I do make them, I'll post the finished product.

If anyone cares the fabric is Home Seasons Pinwheel Parade, the sku# is 171-8923. It is 45" wide and $9.99 a yard. I had a 40% off coupon, so it was only $5.99 a yard!

click here to see the fabric in action on my living room pillows and curtains


Jo said...

The DIY headboard that you featured in this blog, is awesome. I have seen a few other blogs, that the ladies make their headboard and I think it's fancy. :) Especially the fabric that they use! It's awesome. SO, would you do something like that?? I want to and i'm not sure if i could handle a 'made' headboard, but i love it!!! what do you think??

PS i like your geometric fabric you got!

vanessa said...

Jo I think you could totally handle making a headboard. I think it would be so simple. I would have loved to make one for our guest room, but will probably never get around to it. I love the ones that look like they are slipcovered and have ties on the sides. Maybe if we ever had a child I will do one for them!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can buy the fabric and talk KC into making me a DIY headboard. I love the clean, fresh look. So inexpensive as well. Thanks for your input!

Jo said...

the "anonymous" is me, sorry about that

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