Tuesday, August 11, 2009


was craziness.

First I was totally out of gas and just praying I would make it to the gas station before work. About 100 feet from the gas station my power steering went our and my car would only coast. So I was able to get into the CVS parking lot right beside the gas station. I couldn't get my car to turn so I had to jump the curb. Thank you Jesus for 1. a car not coming and crashing into me as I was making the slowest turn ever 2. for my tires not popping from jumping the curb 3. making it to the gas station. So I made it to the CVS parking lot, went to look for my phone to ask Eric what to do, and I had left it at home. So I turned off my car and it cranked right back up like normal and I made it 50 feet to the gas station.

Then I took off of work at 12 for a dentist appointment. I got to the dentist and they said that my appointment wasn't until next Tuesday at 3:00! I had it written down in my planner and everything.

So after that at 4:00 I had to take Claire to the vet for her annual. She pitched a fit when she had to have her nails clipped. (The day we went to pick her up the breeder had cut her nails above the quick, so I think she is traumatized.) I should have told them to skip that part, she is only good when Angie clips her nails. So the vet brought her in the room to give her the shots. I hate watching that stuff. She was crying and trying to get away and the vet kept telling me she was acting ridiculous and was losing his patience. It really made me mad because she is a dog, and a crazy one at that, but still how was she suppose to act? I guess it is payback from the way I act when I get poked with a needle.

Tuesday has to be better!

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bethanypaige2 said...

i love it that you ran over the curb... hysterical! thats about how much gas is in my car right now... fingers crossed.
and poor claire.

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