Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guess What

Have you ever wondered who makes the goal post flags at Jordan Hare?
Well now you know, me! The flags that you can order to go on the goal posts stick to the paint that Eric uses, so since 2005 I have been making the flags.
On every flag, I sew my initials. See them? Then after the season is over, Eric takes the flags down and we write the season's record on them and put them away. Here's hoping the first number will be bigger than the second number this year!

(Yes I do look like a hag, but I had just finished running my longest distance ever without stopping, so that is my excuse)


elizabeth said...

you are hilarious! i think of you every time i see those flags!
how far did you run?

vanessa said...

Well it wasn't very far in measured distance so I will say from my house to Town Creek Park and a little back. But good for me! Are yall still on for the WV game?

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