Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Everyone Expecially My Mother,

If I have talked to you on my cell phone over the past 3 years and you have been hung up on because my last phone was junk, I'm sorry. I was too cheap to get a new cell phone until today.
I got a great deal on the BlackBerry Curve 8320, they practically gave it to me. It is a little overboard for my needs, seeing that I only used 42 of my minutes last month and I have over 2,000 rollover minutes, but it was too good to pass up for $10. I am not really a phone talk kind of girl, so I finally got with the times and now I have texting so you can text me as much as you want, just keep it under 200 a month!
Since I have been with the same company for 11 years, (was I 16 yrs old that long ago?), I nicely asked them to drop some fees and they did. In those 11 years I have only had 3 phones, that is crazy, it all started with this phone that I had for like 6 years.

Many games of snake were played on that phone. I remember I had the phone before you could switch out the covers. So I painted mine with nail polish, then I graduated to an Alabama cover, what?!


The Cosby's said...

And I had that same phone, with an Auburn cover. WHAT!!!????

elizabeth said...

i think i had that phone in a pink cover was pink

elizabeth said...

and, you crack me up...what fees did they drop?

Jo said...

I have that Blackberry Curve and never have I had a problem with it!! Its been so sweet to me :) Good luck with it gallll!

vanessa said...

Ashley - I'm sure we spent many hours talking to each other on those AL/AU phones!
Elizabeth - I am sure you would have had that pink cover. They dropped an upgrade fee, and one other one but I can't remember the name of it. Probably a fee since I am the only person that doesn't buy a new phone every year, they need to make money off of me somehow, oh they already do since I use 1/10 of my plan.
Jo - I'm glad to hear it is a good phone. I figured if it is junk, I only paid $10.

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