Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brooks Starts School

My favorite little kindergartener started school yesterday. He wasn't too happy about it. Can't blame him I hated school and my parents forced me to go. So mean.
Anyway to mark the occasion of course a shirt had to be made. I didn't ask my sister what year he was going to graduate, so I hope I got it right. I bought this fabric at WalMart in Texas last year. I only bought one yard, but I wish I had gotten all they had of it. I really like how the skills and crossbones are cute not scary. His school mascot is The Pirates and the colors are black & gold so the fabric was perfect for this project.


Hannah Dixon said...

It turned out so cute! You're so creative!

Natalie said...

so cute! i wish my applique work looked that neat

and i guess im behind the times...i didnt realize any of them were that well known! i guess when the stuff is good, people know about it

Kallie said...

Hey! I have that little angel this year..

The Williamson Family said...

very cute!

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