Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Snap!

After 5 bad Mondays in a row, -Monday 8/3 had to have cavities filled, Monday 8/10 bad experience at the vet with Claire, Monday 8/17 the alternator in my car started to die, Monday 8/24 ran over a box blade and it gave me a flat tire, Monday 8/31 decided to replace the tire and not risk a blow out so more $$- things are starting to look up because.....

Jennifer of The Newlywed Diaries contacted me this morning to let me know I won this little jewel! Check her blog out to get your daily dose of house pretties.

I am so pumped, I don't remember winning anything since I won a stuffed Piggly Wiggly pig about 20 years ago. I can't wait to fill my house up with its wonderful green fig smell!

Thanks Jennifer and War Eagle back to you!
ps - I just looked this candle up and it looks like it retails for around $60! So extra thanks for the giveaway. Since all of my furniture except for our bed and sofas has come from Craigslist, antique stores or the side of the road and hasn't cost $60, I would have never bought this candle on my own.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Yesterday was pretty boring at work, blah blah blah. So I skipped out of there at 5:00 and headed up to the football field. They were having ice cream and a meet and greet with Aubie and the cheerleaders. They were also showing the video that will play before the games this year, I saw some of it last weekend, so my main motivation for going was to see my baby friends and ice cream!

Calleigh is thrilled to get her picture made with me!

Aubie was there too, but all of the kids were hogging him, so I didn't get a chance to profess my love to him. But I did see Aubie, uh hum undressed the other day, and lets just say, the feelings weren't there.

I didn't stay long because I had to go to Columbus, GA to pick up some fabric. I saw the fabric on Camila's blog High Heeled Foot In The Door. She did a room makeover for her sister using the fabric as a headboard. I harassed her for about a week about the fabric. She let me know she bought it at Joann's and even offered to pick some up for me and ship it! Luckily I was able to find some at the Columbus Joann's. I needed 6 yards and they had 5 yards 33 inches. Sold!

Luckily it started to rain at the stadium so Eric went with me to get the fabric. When we ran home to let Claire out before we left she gave us this face

It worked and we loaded her up for her first trip to Georgia. Now she has traveled to Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. If I do say so myself, she is well traveled. She hasn't been to as many states as Molly & Jake, but her parents only take her as far west as Texas.

We made it to the fabric store and I was able to pick up my fabric!

The fabric didn't come with a coordinate, so I chose the geometric print to maybe make some pillows and even cover a lamp shade in.

It was raining this morning so I didn't have great light to take pictures of the fabric. The red color is a little darker than shown. My furniture is a dark red leather (see Claire sitting on the chair). It has been hard finding fabric that will coordinate with it without being the heavy burgundy and gold. Right now I have silk stripe curtains and pillows and they look great with the furniture and artwork but I just wanted something a little brighter. My art has gold in it so I was glad that the new fabric will still match it while updating the space with a little grey and taupe.

This weekend I have 6 applique shirts to make and a birthday outfit to finish sewing but I may try and squeeze in the curtains. Whenever I do make them, I'll post the finished product.

If anyone cares the fabric is Home Seasons Pinwheel Parade, the sku# is 171-8923. It is 45" wide and $9.99 a yard. I had a 40% off coupon, so it was only $5.99 a yard!

click here to see the fabric in action on my living room pillows and curtains

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Everyone Expecially My Mother,

If I have talked to you on my cell phone over the past 3 years and you have been hung up on because my last phone was junk, I'm sorry. I was too cheap to get a new cell phone until today.
I got a great deal on the BlackBerry Curve 8320, they practically gave it to me. It is a little overboard for my needs, seeing that I only used 42 of my minutes last month and I have over 2,000 rollover minutes, but it was too good to pass up for $10. I am not really a phone talk kind of girl, so I finally got with the times and now I have texting so you can text me as much as you want, just keep it under 200 a month!
Since I have been with the same company for 11 years, (was I 16 yrs old that long ago?), I nicely asked them to drop some fees and they did. In those 11 years I have only had 3 phones, that is crazy, it all started with this phone that I had for like 6 years.

Many games of snake were played on that phone. I remember I had the phone before you could switch out the covers. So I painted mine with nail polish, then I graduated to an Alabama cover, what?!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kitchens thru the years

Last month there was an article on about kitchens through the years. I decided to choose one kitchen from each era that I liked. All photos are all from House Beautiful.
This 1950' s kitchen had some pretty aqua cabinets, something I've been seeing a lot of in today's kitchens.

I really love the stove hood in this kitchen. The scalloped detail is so sweet.


I love the dining chairs and light fixture in this kitchen, does that count?
I don't really like this kitchen, but it is so hilarious that it is my favorite. Can you imagine living there?

And lets just say I am glad I don't have to eat supper at this person's house, anyone notice the kitchen table. What stylist thought that would add charm to the space?

Love the countertops and wall mount faucet in this kitchen.
Now the article stated that this kitchen has the latest in technology that you can even turn the computer monitor so you can read recipes. Amazing!


I love the light fixtures and fridge in this kitchen

This kitchen looks pretty fun

I love the backsplash in this kitchen also


Of course that kitchen belongs to me, House Beautiful must have lost my phone number because they haven't called about it yet. Pictures to come soon, I hope only the stove hood left!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Restoration Hardware Love

The new Restoration Hardware made its appearance in my mailbox Friday afternoon. I have been in love with their Trestel Salvage Wood Dining Table since it appeared in my email inbox several months ago. Well the new catalog didn't disappoint. Here are some of my favorites...

The Corbel Glass Desk is so beautiful. It would be easily recreated by going to a architectural salvage yard and getting 2 giant corbels. But I do think the 3/4" thick glass makes the desk.

Flatiron Desk

Love the French Upholstered Wing Chair. The only thing stopping me from buying this 4 of jewels is a dog that would destroy them, lack of space, and they are on sale for $1,320.00. A little out of my budget.

I am loving the wood finish/color of the Printmaker's Sideboard. My dining room table would have been awesome like this, but it would have looked so terrible with my china cabinet so I stained it dark.

Salvaged Wood Kitchen Island

Palladian Urn Crystal Lamp

Friday, August 21, 2009

This week

has been a long one. Here is a sampling of what all went on this week at my house,
if you don't care, scroll down to the bottom of the post for something exciting.

Walked with Claire to the football field to see her dad. While we were there he sprayed her down with the water hose (her favorite) after that she drug the hose onto the field, only she gets to play with a water hose on Jordan Hare, or I guess it is really Pat Dye Field.

Taken last week, the grass is getting greener, that means only 15 days until the 1st game!

(If you click on this picture to make it larger, look at the AU in the center of the field. The paint is so deep in the dirt that it is always like that, painted or not!)

On Monday had lunch with a great friend and her friends at my favorite Amsterdam Cafe. But I had to go back to work while they went antique shopping, sadness.

Got 11 Paisley Jane orders, finished only 2 of them. I have been neglecting my PJ etsy site, so if you want something look at my sold items to see my fabrics. I noticed I have had 189 sales off the etsy site, I may do a free shipping to get it to 200. I'll just have to see with my wholesale orders, but I'll post it here if I do.

Took Eric to have his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. I'm not a caretaker kind of person, but he survived. I was looking forward to him acting crazy, but he didn't really do anything funny. He did tell me that the sun spots on my face "sure were pretty" I think he was a little loopy then.

The battery light on my car was going on and off all week. Since Eric is bombarded at work and had his wisdom teeth taken out, we hadn't had a chance to get it checked out. I was waiting for my alternator to go out, but in the mean time anywhere I drive is in town, so if it went out I would just call my husband, right? Wednesday night on the way to sewing club my radio starts to go out, and I knew my alternator was about to go. I decided to try and make it to my sister's house near by. Made it. Called my husband 23 times but he had his phone off! I decided to try and make it home. I barley made it, but I did and that is all that counts.

I mowed the yard for the first time in my life. It wasn't too bad, it was just the back yard. In the front yard Eric cuts in on a diagonal stripe, so I'm not that skilled yet.

Now for the exciting part. Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and they had these 2 Michael Miller Ginger Blossom prints in corduroy!!

They are $8.99 a yard, but this week is 40% coupon week, so that makes them $5.39 a yard!
If you live in Auburn please don't go buy them until I get back there.
I had to use my coupon on Paisley Jane stuff last night and I only need a yard of each, so leave me that much!

Plus their McCall's Patterns are only .99 this week so I bought a cute jumper pattern for my niece to use with this fabric. I'll post a picture in 2010 when I get finished with it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Etsy Invites

Yesterday I posted too quick about my invitation love from Etsy. Here are some others that caught my eye.

I would have loved to have one of these guestbooks from The Handmade Boutique . You can choose your own fabrics! Amy Butler + getting married = best day ever!

I also love trees and since I know someone that is getting married at "the oaks" ...

This Spring Tree Invite from Mavora would be perfect, literal but not cheesy

I like the right side alignment and rounded corners of this Sydney 2 Invite from Stelie Designs, simple detail but it makes a big impact

And these Mehndi Save the Date Cards from Tucci Paper Co are just pretty awesome

The perfect shade of orange in Urban Design Zone's Wedding Card Design and they are DIY printing!

As you can see I am all over the place with my style. So if you ever need a wedding invite pickeroutter, fabric pickeroutter, or a baby namer I'm your girl!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Etsy Invites

While browsing through Etsy looking at wedding invitation inspiration for my sister I saw this invitation in Designs By Adj's store

I just had to stare at it for a few minutes, then share it with all of you.

I am just loving the color combinations the designer used. I would have never put the rich blue with the mossy color, but it works so well. Also I usually don't like stark white, but again it works. Also loving the font.

Maybe Eric & I should renew our vows and use this invite, is 4 years too early for that?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brooks Starts School

My favorite little kindergartener started school yesterday. He wasn't too happy about it. Can't blame him I hated school and my parents forced me to go. So mean.
Anyway to mark the occasion of course a shirt had to be made. I didn't ask my sister what year he was going to graduate, so I hope I got it right. I bought this fabric at WalMart in Texas last year. I only bought one yard, but I wish I had gotten all they had of it. I really like how the skills and crossbones are cute not scary. His school mascot is The Pirates and the colors are black & gold so the fabric was perfect for this project.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Angie!

Today my little sister Angie turns 26!

I am guessing this picture was for her 2nd birthday, since I am holding up a 2
We are only 14 months apart so we have always been together. We shared a room until I was 13, then lived together in college and then she lived with me & Eric after we were married for a couple of months.

I really wanted to go to her work and take pictures and interview her for a birthday post. Time slipped away and I don't really like going to her work (animals + smell = gross), so a picture will have to do for now.

When it cools down and isn't so smelly at her work I will get that interview.

Angie works as a surgery tech in Equine Surgery. She has always loved animals and now she gets to work with them everyday! She has worked with the world's largest horse and a zebra to name a few.

Check out this huge horse. And her cute scrub cap she made it herself!

This will be Angie's last birthday as an old maid (just kidding). Next year at this time she will be a married lady!

Happy Birthday Angie!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


was craziness.

First I was totally out of gas and just praying I would make it to the gas station before work. About 100 feet from the gas station my power steering went our and my car would only coast. So I was able to get into the CVS parking lot right beside the gas station. I couldn't get my car to turn so I had to jump the curb. Thank you Jesus for 1. a car not coming and crashing into me as I was making the slowest turn ever 2. for my tires not popping from jumping the curb 3. making it to the gas station. So I made it to the CVS parking lot, went to look for my phone to ask Eric what to do, and I had left it at home. So I turned off my car and it cranked right back up like normal and I made it 50 feet to the gas station.

Then I took off of work at 12 for a dentist appointment. I got to the dentist and they said that my appointment wasn't until next Tuesday at 3:00! I had it written down in my planner and everything.

So after that at 4:00 I had to take Claire to the vet for her annual. She pitched a fit when she had to have her nails clipped. (The day we went to pick her up the breeder had cut her nails above the quick, so I think she is traumatized.) I should have told them to skip that part, she is only good when Angie clips her nails. So the vet brought her in the room to give her the shots. I hate watching that stuff. She was crying and trying to get away and the vet kept telling me she was acting ridiculous and was losing his patience. It really made me mad because she is a dog, and a crazy one at that, but still how was she suppose to act? I guess it is payback from the way I act when I get poked with a needle.

Tuesday has to be better!

Image 1. unknown 2. Kay Douglass 3. unknown

Monday, August 10, 2009

The best thing

about coming back "home" after being "home" is

stopping at Peach Park for some peach ice cream and fried peach pies

and a dog that is so worn out she will let you snuggle with her!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cameron's House

Yesterday I heard that John Hughes passed away. I loved all of his movies. My favorite being Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I bet I have watched that movie over 100 times.

So in honor of Ferris Bueller here is the real estate listing for Cameron's house in the movie. Even back then I thought his house was pretty cool. Love how it is pretty much built into the woods. Hopefully they have cleaned up the twisted metal and broken glass out of the woods since the car went through the glass.

For a cool $2.3 million it could be yours. But the 1961 Ferrari isn't included. To see the listing, click here.

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