Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday my order from came in with some new goodies. This fabric was suppose to be included in my order

Instead they included this fabric

I don't really know why you would need a fabric with women exercising on it unless you were going to make a gym bag or a yoga matt carrier? even then I wouldn't use this fabric.

The good thing about, besides free shipping on orders over $35, free returns, and they offer samples, is that if they mess up your order they let you keep that fabric, not sure what they would do if it was multiple yards that was sent in error. But I wish they had accidentally sent me this fabric instead

I did order a sample of this fabric, it is more blue than gray in person

or this Joel Dewberry, I think his Deer Valley line is so cool as always I am always wishing for more Heather Bailey fabric. She actually has a cute print that would work for boys

I love the aqua/red combo that is popping up everywhere these days. Click here to see all of Heather's awesomeness, and see if you can only pick 2 favorites

And you can never leave out Amy Butler
too many good ones to choose from

They also have these 60" width adorable knits if you are expecting, you could make a ton of little sleep sacks for the little one. I know plenty of people that are expecting, but none know the sex yet but I may just buy a yard of each. Yes I need some more fabric.


Natalie said...

glad to see you share my fabric obsession. i could go on and on...

Anonymous said...

i think i see eric's future curtains!!!
and i LOVE the black background one!!

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