Friday, July 17, 2009

Today I am off! Since we didn't go to Texas last week I used one of my vacation days today.

Well because tonight we are going to cram 18 people into our house, yard, wherever we can get them. Our supper club decided to invite our men to join us this month and it meets at my house tonight. I am really excited to have everyone over but still haven't done shopping or anything.

We still have to regrade the backyard and landscape it, that won't happen until next year, but we will make do with what we have tonight. Eric was on a mission and built a wood fence this week so hopefully we will be able to enjoy it tonight. And a few last minute things like getting the pantry door made and some pictures hung in the breezeway were finished. But friends aren't suppose to notice what there is left to do, right?
And as of now I am not stressed. When someone asked what to bring, I took them up on their offer and told them what to bring. I let go of the control and so far I am doing ok. I just wish that I had planned this out earlier. I want somewhat of a country feel, I would have loved to have my tables look like this

I know it is a little 4th of July, but it is still July. I thought it would be easy to recreate since it is July, but it has been so hard to find red and white items.

I thought that navy and apple green would be cute and that navy would be easy to find, but nope. I could have made something like this tablecloth layered over burlap, but didn't think of it in time.

And how easy would it have been to do these centerpieces
So right now I don't have a plan, hopefully something will happen soon like in the next few hours. If so I'll post pictures Monday.

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elizabeth said...

you are so funny! i am sure it will be beautiful! wish i were there to help...can't wait to see pics!!

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