Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Doors

This is how our house looks now. Things are moving right along. I think it is turning out well, just waiting for those plants to mature. But I feel like it needs something. We are planning on covering the porch in slate tiles and I am still fighting to have confederate jasmine growing up the columns, so I think that will help.

I love green doors , so I wish I could paint our front door green. I don't think I would go with anything bright, but the the grey paint has a green undertone so it would have to be different enough that it didn't blend in with the brick. I don't think it would ever get past the boss (E is the outside boss, I'm the inside boss), but I do think I could get him to let me paint the back door green.

Yep when you open our front door there is an even cuter dog waiting to jump on you.

image from livingetc.com

I guess for now I will just live with my green wreath.

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