Friday, July 24, 2009

Major Fabric Sale

So today lets talk again about some crazy good fabric deals. I am trying not to take the bait, but I wish someone would. I am working on a big wholesale order for Paisley Jane right now and it is really hard not to spend some of my profits on more fabric. It is a business expense right, but not if you won't cut some of your fabrics and actually make things with them.

All of these fabrics can all be found on the Hancock's of Paducah website. I have ordered several times from them and they always have super fast shipping and best of all they send out catalogues with some serious eye candy. Click on the colored word to take you to the website and that particular fabric.

This fabric reminds me of a bedsheet from the 70's. Priced at only $3.98 a yard.

I love this fabric by Jennifer Paganelli. She is one of my favs and I think we used this fabric in my sister's room at my parents house. It is super soft. Priced at $3.98 yd major deal usually $8.98 a yard

Then we have this crazy deal on some Amy Butler 54" fabric. It is only $4.98 a yard, reg $15.98. Crazy good deals

Amy Butler fabric again.

$4.98 a yard

There are tons of Joel Dewberry fabrics on sale, too many to list but check them out. All 54" width and $4.98 a yard, reg $15.98 a yard! People do you understand what a deal that is, buy it just because it is so cheap.

I also love Tanya Whelan for her bright colored shabby chic fabrics. Usually they are major girly, but this fabric could be used for a boy. $4.98 yd

Robert Kaufman fabric. Love the little birdies.

I am interested in seeing this fabric in person. Someone please order it and gift it to me. It is made by Windham. There are some cute baby fabric in this line, Little Man and Me.

My one true love Heather Bailey has a fabric for only $3.98 a yard.


Natalie said...

nice! im a regular of theirs as well :)

Jill said...

I think some of those fabrics you showed would make for cute burp cloths and bibs. I think you show go for it and get some!!

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