Tuesday, July 14, 2009


wouldn't it be fun if you came over to my house for a meal and we drank out of these glasses

and since your brought your kid he has to drink out of these, you know you use to

and I will serve our beverage out of this

I will prepare our meal in this bowl

and since Eric can't have dairy we will make his special and use this dish

but we will load all of the cheese onto ours and cook it in these dishes

leftovers, well why don't you take them home in these refrigerator Pyrex dishes

I call the Snoopy cup

everything is from etsy in order, shops - hannabellememories, kittybitty, curiouscollections, thecottagecheese, pagingmisterherman, blueflowervintage, junkculture, plaidponyvintage, blueflowervintage

1 comment:

Meagan Murphree said...

Hey Vanessa! Cute blog! I actually have those smurg glasses if you'd ever like to borrow them. The Smurfs were my favorite!

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