Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dining Room Table

Yesterday morning my parents called and said they were on their way to Auburn and had my dining room table. First I was shocked they were coming to Auburn (taking a detour to the beach) and second I was shocked that my Daddy had already finished my dining room table. So I ran home at lunch to find them and this....

And right about now you are probably thinking that I am crazy because my dining room table looks like a picnic table, well because it is a picnic table. I love the mix of rustic with the traditional lines of my china cabinet and the dressiness of the chairs, it's just my style.

A picnic table wasn't what I had originally wanted. I wanted this, a $2,500 table from Anthropologie. Please excuse the blurry photo I was trying to sneak one in the store. But Eric, nor my FIL, nor my very own father were very keen on making this table. And well I wasn't about to shell out the funds for this table. Besides our dining room is so small right now that if we move, we will probably have to get a larger table anyway.

So I had to come up with another plan that was easier. Much to Eric's pure joy my dad volunteered to make the table and he made the it over the weekend much to my pure joy.

I am still in charge of finishing the table. I was originally going to paint the whole thing, but for durability I'm not going to paint the top. So then I was going to stain the top and paint the base, but now I am sort of wanting to stain the whole thing. What would you do?

Thanks Daddy, love it!

EDIT 3/2010 - My dining room is "finished", click here to see how the table turned out!


elizabeth said...

i think stain the whole thing, since you have painted chairs

Michelle "Chaos Caretaker" www.containchaos.com said...

The table is not only fantastic, but now also famous. I just read about you this morning on Knock Off Wood, and had to smile when I noticed you were a fellow Alabamian AND Auburn fan!?! I hail from Montgomery (more accurately Pike Road) and try to attend as many Auburn events as possible. Congrats on the table and your instant celebrity. :-)

Ticking and Toile said...

Love your table! It looks great stained ~ funny, I've been wanting one similar....maybe I'll attempt it!


Mom2Ian said...

I love this table. Just read about it on Knock Off Wood. I wonder if I could shorten the length for my kitchen table. I really think I'll try my hand at this. Who knew I'd ever want to build my own furniture?

historypak said...

Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming... brown leather sofa beds

Home Stars said...

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