Monday, July 20, 2009

Also over the weekend

we had some little visitors

Don't worry they brought their parents.

We left a table set up in the yard from the night before and Brooks wanted to have another party. We just added BBQ to the left over sides from the night before and my fridge was cleaned out (yesssss). We still have the chainlink fence up that blocks off the yard from the new wood fence. Brooks put all the dogs in the old fence so he could babysit them. He always declares Claire as the worst dog ever, but she is the only one that will play with him.

Eric made a new friend. Brooks usually is stuck to Eric like glue, but Baron realized that Ek is pretty fun.

And per Brooks' request we had another party Sunday night, the weather was so nice we couldn't resist. But we had to spice things up so we had glow stick bracelets and necklaces!

Yesterday when we came home from lunch, our company was gone, the house was so quiet and everything was in its place. Until I looked in the plant and had a reminder that this one was here.

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