Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday

I think I may paint some tshirts like the one I am wearing in this picture. Pretty awesome right. And Hollie love the shorts. And Angie I know that Tom the cat wasn't a giant, so you must have been really tiny!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookies

I have been craving something sweet a lot lately. But I haven't wanted to make any treats because I don't like for them to sit in our house and me eat all of them. So tonight I will be going to sewing club and I can take some cookies for us to snack on and Eric is having a friend over for Westfalia Sausage so they can eat the rest of the cookies.

This recipe is so simple and quick that I made these while I was home on my lunch break today.

All you need is

1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of peanut butter, and 1 egg. Mix together and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.
And you will have this

Then offer your husband a hot peanut butter cookie and he will look like this

and love you forever for having hot cookies waiting on him at lunch!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Doors

This is how our house looks now. Things are moving right along. I think it is turning out well, just waiting for those plants to mature. But I feel like it needs something. We are planning on covering the porch in slate tiles and I am still fighting to have confederate jasmine growing up the columns, so I think that will help.

I love green doors , so I wish I could paint our front door green. I don't think I would go with anything bright, but the the grey paint has a green undertone so it would have to be different enough that it didn't blend in with the brick. I don't think it would ever get past the boss (E is the outside boss, I'm the inside boss), but I do think I could get him to let me paint the back door green.

Yep when you open our front door there is an even cuter dog waiting to jump on you.

image from

I guess for now I will just live with my green wreath.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Major Fabric Sale

So today lets talk again about some crazy good fabric deals. I am trying not to take the bait, but I wish someone would. I am working on a big wholesale order for Paisley Jane right now and it is really hard not to spend some of my profits on more fabric. It is a business expense right, but not if you won't cut some of your fabrics and actually make things with them.

All of these fabrics can all be found on the Hancock's of Paducah website. I have ordered several times from them and they always have super fast shipping and best of all they send out catalogues with some serious eye candy. Click on the colored word to take you to the website and that particular fabric.

This fabric reminds me of a bedsheet from the 70's. Priced at only $3.98 a yard.

I love this fabric by Jennifer Paganelli. She is one of my favs and I think we used this fabric in my sister's room at my parents house. It is super soft. Priced at $3.98 yd major deal usually $8.98 a yard

Then we have this crazy deal on some Amy Butler 54" fabric. It is only $4.98 a yard, reg $15.98. Crazy good deals

Amy Butler fabric again.

$4.98 a yard

There are tons of Joel Dewberry fabrics on sale, too many to list but check them out. All 54" width and $4.98 a yard, reg $15.98 a yard! People do you understand what a deal that is, buy it just because it is so cheap.

I also love Tanya Whelan for her bright colored shabby chic fabrics. Usually they are major girly, but this fabric could be used for a boy. $4.98 yd

Robert Kaufman fabric. Love the little birdies.

I am interested in seeing this fabric in person. Someone please order it and gift it to me. It is made by Windham. There are some cute baby fabric in this line, Little Man and Me.

My one true love Heather Bailey has a fabric for only $3.98 a yard.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my parents.
Today makes it 32 years that they have been married!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dining Room Table

Yesterday morning my parents called and said they were on their way to Auburn and had my dining room table. First I was shocked they were coming to Auburn (taking a detour to the beach) and second I was shocked that my Daddy had already finished my dining room table. So I ran home at lunch to find them and this....

And right about now you are probably thinking that I am crazy because my dining room table looks like a picnic table, well because it is a picnic table. I love the mix of rustic with the traditional lines of my china cabinet and the dressiness of the chairs, it's just my style.

A picnic table wasn't what I had originally wanted. I wanted this, a $2,500 table from Anthropologie. Please excuse the blurry photo I was trying to sneak one in the store. But Eric, nor my FIL, nor my very own father were very keen on making this table. And well I wasn't about to shell out the funds for this table. Besides our dining room is so small right now that if we move, we will probably have to get a larger table anyway.

So I had to come up with another plan that was easier. Much to Eric's pure joy my dad volunteered to make the table and he made the it over the weekend much to my pure joy.

I am still in charge of finishing the table. I was originally going to paint the whole thing, but for durability I'm not going to paint the top. So then I was going to stain the top and paint the base, but now I am sort of wanting to stain the whole thing. What would you do?

Thanks Daddy, love it!

EDIT 3/2010 - My dining room is "finished", click here to see how the table turned out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Also over the weekend

we had some little visitors

Don't worry they brought their parents.

We left a table set up in the yard from the night before and Brooks wanted to have another party. We just added BBQ to the left over sides from the night before and my fridge was cleaned out (yesssss). We still have the chainlink fence up that blocks off the yard from the new wood fence. Brooks put all the dogs in the old fence so he could babysit them. He always declares Claire as the worst dog ever, but she is the only one that will play with him.

Eric made a new friend. Brooks usually is stuck to Eric like glue, but Baron realized that Ek is pretty fun.

And per Brooks' request we had another party Sunday night, the weather was so nice we couldn't resist. But we had to spice things up so we had glow stick bracelets and necklaces!

Yesterday when we came home from lunch, our company was gone, the house was so quiet and everything was in its place. Until I looked in the plant and had a reminder that this one was here.

Supper Club

Well our couples Supper Club Friday night went really well. As far as decorations I decided to just use what I had so I went with red and white check table cloths. I used cans as vases for hydrangeas and the rest of the cans I used with citronella candles. I think it turned out good enough.
We were suppose to have 1" of rain on Friday, I did some major prayn' and God answered with beautiful weather all day. It was a little warm, but we had a fan so that did help. I do wish that I had taken more pictures. The food that was brought was so delicious and I would like to have pictures of that and some more of the people that made the night so fun. But I was too busy enjoying myself with those people.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Today I am off! Since we didn't go to Texas last week I used one of my vacation days today.

Well because tonight we are going to cram 18 people into our house, yard, wherever we can get them. Our supper club decided to invite our men to join us this month and it meets at my house tonight. I am really excited to have everyone over but still haven't done shopping or anything.

We still have to regrade the backyard and landscape it, that won't happen until next year, but we will make do with what we have tonight. Eric was on a mission and built a wood fence this week so hopefully we will be able to enjoy it tonight. And a few last minute things like getting the pantry door made and some pictures hung in the breezeway were finished. But friends aren't suppose to notice what there is left to do, right?
And as of now I am not stressed. When someone asked what to bring, I took them up on their offer and told them what to bring. I let go of the control and so far I am doing ok. I just wish that I had planned this out earlier. I want somewhat of a country feel, I would have loved to have my tables look like this

I know it is a little 4th of July, but it is still July. I thought it would be easy to recreate since it is July, but it has been so hard to find red and white items.

I thought that navy and apple green would be cute and that navy would be easy to find, but nope. I could have made something like this tablecloth layered over burlap, but didn't think of it in time.

And how easy would it have been to do these centerpieces
So right now I don't have a plan, hopefully something will happen soon like in the next few hours. If so I'll post pictures Monday.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday my order from came in with some new goodies. This fabric was suppose to be included in my order

Instead they included this fabric

I don't really know why you would need a fabric with women exercising on it unless you were going to make a gym bag or a yoga matt carrier? even then I wouldn't use this fabric.

The good thing about, besides free shipping on orders over $35, free returns, and they offer samples, is that if they mess up your order they let you keep that fabric, not sure what they would do if it was multiple yards that was sent in error. But I wish they had accidentally sent me this fabric instead

I did order a sample of this fabric, it is more blue than gray in person

or this Joel Dewberry, I think his Deer Valley line is so cool as always I am always wishing for more Heather Bailey fabric. She actually has a cute print that would work for boys

I love the aqua/red combo that is popping up everywhere these days. Click here to see all of Heather's awesomeness, and see if you can only pick 2 favorites

And you can never leave out Amy Butler
too many good ones to choose from

They also have these 60" width adorable knits if you are expecting, you could make a ton of little sleep sacks for the little one. I know plenty of people that are expecting, but none know the sex yet but I may just buy a yard of each. Yes I need some more fabric.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


wouldn't it be fun if you came over to my house for a meal and we drank out of these glasses

and since your brought your kid he has to drink out of these, you know you use to

and I will serve our beverage out of this

I will prepare our meal in this bowl

and since Eric can't have dairy we will make his special and use this dish

but we will load all of the cheese onto ours and cook it in these dishes

leftovers, well why don't you take them home in these refrigerator Pyrex dishes

I call the Snoopy cup

everything is from etsy in order, shops - hannabellememories, kittybitty, curiouscollections, thecottagecheese, pagingmisterherman, blueflowervintage, junkculture, plaidponyvintage, blueflowervintage

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