Friday, June 19, 2009


Yesterday when I came home from work we had irrigation! Eric was so excited he wanted me to take his picture for the blog. He has never even read my blog!
He and one of his employees have been installing the irrigation everyday this week after work. Even at 4 when they start it is still 98 degrees outside so he was really happy to have this project out of the way.

After I took his picture, I left for Supper Club. Heather made her famous chicken and dumplings, peas, tomatoes and cucumbers, corn on the cob, biscuits with cane syrup and home made ice cream. The meal was so delicious and reminded me of home since I don't cook like that.
After we ate, we played baby dolls with Calleigh and Lilly. Brigitte had finished making their outfits so we had a little fashion show. It was so fun playing with the babies and we had lots of laughs trying to get the girls' attention.

The things we will do for entertainment. But don't they look too cute!

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