Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Birthday Gift To You

First of all thanks to everyone for all of the birthday calls, texts, emails, fb messages, and comments.
Everyone of them made me feel special.
Consider this blog post my birthday present to you. I am about to whine and talk about how bad my birthday stunk and show pics of my disaster of a house. So what is the gift in it for you? Well you will feel really good about your mental state and your house today by seeing what a mess I am right now! Win win for everyone!

Tuesday morning I was up until 1 am. So I guess I was up with my birthday. I was working on grouting the kitchen floor. I am still not done with it. Even with the brick sealed, the grout is so hard to get off the brick. I tried a different and better method last night, but ran out of grout and didn't feel like mixing more at 12am.

I cried a lot on my birthday. It started in the shower because my fingers looked like this and the water was killing them. There was grout attached to the sores and it was just sucking moisture out of the sores all day, double ouch. Oh and see how nasty my nails are, they all look like that, and I can't fix them because that is dried grout and thin set.

I had the afternoon off yesterday and today which really helped. Eric took off yesterday afternoon since I was crying so much. Since we had so much work to do, I just decided I would take Chick- fil -A for supper. We went there, but the power was off and water was waste high in front of the restaurant!! The one time I don't have my camera, so check out the pics here. Chick- fil- A is in the 2nd & 3rd pics. You guessed it, that made me cry.

Then I cried because this is what the guest bathroom looks like and our guests coming tomorrow. Eric has worked super hard on the bathroom while juggling the kitchen and yard and he is not a multitasker. Everything is grouted, but not caulked, the trim is up and the fixtures are set in place but not secured.
Oh and that tub....

Next we have the room that Eric decorated. Bet ya couldn't tell?! I have already dusted it, but we just have to get the bathroom finished so we can put the bathroom's belongings in the bathroom.

And this is where we are going to make our guests sleep tomorrow night. We really roll out the red carpet around here!

I am sure you guessed by now that I didn't get to have my b'day lunch at my house yesterday. One of the reasons - this is what the dining room is currently used for. What this picture doesn't show is our fridge, stove, and dishwasher are sitting against the left wall in the dining room.

This is the current state of our kitchen as of this morning. We can't do the backsplash until we get our countertops, which are out of stock. But we went ahead and put the bead board up where the appliances go so we can put those back into place. We had to unhook our current countertop and sink so we could get the bead board behind the stove. So that is 3 days worth of dishes sitting there until the sink is hooked up again.

The other side of the kitchen housing whatever junk we can fit on the countertop

This is the breezeway joining the master bedroom to the rest of the house. It is suppose to be my room, you see that table, it is suppose to have a sewing machine sitting on it and sewing projects waiting to be sewn. But it doesn't.

Ugh this is the back porch off the breezeway. But it is an improvement. It did have a bunch of old wall board and a toilet.

And lastly the yard. E ripped up all of the old plants a few weeks ago. Monday our new plants were delivered. He couldn't wait to see them planted, and we were afraid they would be stolen so he planted all the shrubs in the front of the house. Yesterday he planted the side, and I'm not sure when he will do these. I'm afraid they will get stolen, so I hope he gets them in the ground soon. He still has 2 gem magnolias, bunches of light pink knock out roses , hostas and lots of stella lillies to be delivered. Plus more pine straw they you wold ever want to put out. I smell my father in law helping with that project.

So that is the house tour. All of these pics were taken this morning before I left for work. Feel better about yourself????? I usually don't get so upset, but sickness, sleep deprivation, company coming, and house issues = V crying. Here is to a great 27th year!

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elizabeth said...

just think how much you will love it when it is all finished!!

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