Monday, June 8, 2009

Toomer's Drugs

I feel like I have been on a restaurant tour of Auburn since Thursday. My in laws are in town visiting from Texas and have wanted to eat out EVERY meal. I did manage to sneak in a home cooked meal Saturday night. I'll have to share the recipe soon, it is my new favorite.

Yesterday we stopped in Toomer's Drugs for lunch.
Toomer's is in the middle of town and right across from Toomer's Corner and those famous trees.

Toomer's Drugs is no longer a operating drug store, mostly food and Auburn University stuff. The interior has been restored to its original look and it is so charming. Old photos of Auburn line the top of the walls. images from the

Toomer's offers deli type food and a killer dessert menu.

We had the hot dogs and of course the lemonade

Eric & his parents enjoying some lemonade (they have the best crushed ice also)

I just couldn't resist the dessert menu. I enjoyed a hot fudge Sundae and it was so good. I still want to try the banana split, hot fudge brownie, chocolate milk shake, ice cream sandwich, and fresh apple pie. I think I am going to give up real food and just save my calories for desserts.

Since we live in Auburn, we hardly ever stop in Toomer's Drugs except for game day but I think we will be frequenting them more often.


The Wileys said...

We eat there every couple of months for lunch. Mainly for the lemonade!

Hannah Dixon said...

Sounds wonderful! Maybe one day, we should get the girls together for lunch at Toomer's!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the leftovers from Saturday. We loved them Sunday night and Joe loved it just as equally for lunch Monday. He said, "You are going to have to learn how to make this!"

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