Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five Guys

This past weekend my parents came to visit and help us with our house. They got to Auburn Friday in time for supper so we went to the new Five Guys down town. Earlier in the week one of Eric's employees had told him it was the best burger he had ever eaten, so we had to see for ourselves.
The girls got the Little Hamburger - only 1 patty, and the guys got the Hamburger - 2 patties.

As you can see from Angie's demonstration the Little Hamburgers were big enough.
Each couple shared a large fry, which were served in these cups and there were tons of fries in the bottom of the bags.

While it was a good burger, I can't say it was the best ever. I didn't think it was better than a homemade hamburger. I like my hamburgers juicy (like made with 80/20 meat) and this had very little juice. The fries were really good and fresh. There was also an unlimited supply of peanuts and they were pretty good. They do serve you a lot of food for a good price so that is a plus.


They made a mistake and added a hot dog to our order and told us to keep it. It was the best hot dog I have ever eaten. It had onions, jalapenos, green peppers, mustard and best of all a moist bun. We were so stuffed and didn't eat it all, but the few bites were delicious. If I do go back I am getting the hot dog instead of the hamburger!


elizabeth said...

well, who knew auburn got a five guys. jd would agree with the individual who claimed it was the best burger! he begs to go there ALL the time

bethanypaige2 said...

fabrizio likes it too... i agree with the portions - the fries just overflow forever!

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