Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Art on Etsy

I've been looking for some art to put in my kitchen. I don't have any wall space that isn't cut up by cabinets, windows, or doors so I don't have room for anything large. It would actually have to go under my cabinets. So I'm not sure what is going to happen but here are some of the paintings that I wouldn't mind having - size not an issue. Click on the painting title to go to the etsy shop.

Tomato Divided - Shop Linda Hunt

doesn't the silver urn look real, she did a great job painting the reflection of silver

does this jar not look real, she did a great job painting the glass

Picnic - Shop HammelmanArt

Texas Moon Tomato Crate Label - Shop Labelstone

I like this label because it is different and E is from Texas and tomatoes are my favorite.

Do you have a favorite?

1 comment:

The Wileys said...

We've totally looked into getting crate labels for our kitchen before we put the house on the market

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