Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This past weekend

started off nicely with this

but then we had to get to work

After 2 weeks of demo, 1 solid week of grinding and chipping plaster off concrete block walls by hand (Eric's hands, not mine) we were finally ready to waterseal the walls Friday night.

Along with the frustration of grinding and chiseling plaster came the mess. When the grinder was going, it looked like our house was on fire, all the dust looked like smoke. Didn't keep count of how many times I dusted and shopvacced the house.
since it looked like this outside most of the weekend

it meant my house looked like this, projects and saws and mess everywhere.

I did have a long overdue date with my sewing machine, I was able to make a duvet cover and pillows for the guest bedroom.

We finally got the durock put up in the shower!!

I was able to get all the kitchen cabinets and bases primed and the trim painted. It seemed like this thing was stuck to my hand all weekend.

However the weekend ended with a lot of this tile which was actually fun to put up and it just plain makes us happy! (even if it is 2 weeks behind)

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elizabeth said...

hurry up and send more pics!!! glad our duvet is ready for football season!

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